Video: ‘Missing’ Uyghur People Alive and Well in China! (2019)

Whereas the original (anti-Soviet Union) US Cold War was formulated and initiated out of the public gaze from 1917 onwards – and was virtually over in 1991 (with the dissolving of the USSR) – which happened before the development of the internet and the mass sharing of knowledge in real time. The so-called ‘Tiananmen Square Incident’ was an orchestrated joint intelligence exercise between the US and the UK – as revealed by Wikileaks in 2011. Today, although the US has always been both anti-China and anti-Chinese, the election of President Donald Trump marks a new era in groundless and unsubstantiated attacks upon Communist China for no other reason than the country being ‘Socialist’. This racially based hatred of the ‘other’ is filtered through a Trotskyite filter which permeates the political left in the West and even distorts much of what passes as the ‘Communist’ movement. The Labour leader – Jeremy Corbyn- for instance, following the revisionism of The Guardian and the New Statesman, has raised a number of fallacious concerns in Parliament about China and Animal Rights (whilst he says ‘nothing’ about 24-hour slaughter factories which exist all over the UK). Chinese people visiting or living in the UK experience a permanent ‘exclusion’ from the left-wing political establishment. This is because at the end of the day, the British left-wing holds exactly the same anti-Chinese racist viewpoints as the right-wing it says it opposes.  My ethnic Chinese partner (and our children) were racially abused by a Labour-dominated Anti-Fascist March through London in 2018. Labour Activists joined with the SWP and a Polish neo-Nazi migrant to isolated our family and hurl racial abuse. This is a common experience for ethnic Chinese people on the British political left. The only person who came to our defence (out of tens of thousands who were present) was a British Jewish man who thanked us for carrying the Red Flag that freed Auschwitz…  

The latest chapter in US anti-intellectualism is that Uyghur people are ‘missing’ in China. No Uyghurs are missing in China. Indeed, the CCTV (English) YouTube Channel. Publish a short video this morning (27.12.2019) featuring a young Uyghur woman said to be missing in the West and a victim of arbitrary arrest, unlawful detainment, illegal torture and eventual ‘murder’. This story was trumpeted all over the West, with ‘fake’ Uyghur relatives of hers, said to be living in Australia giving tearful news interviews (in perfect English), stating that their young relative (I believe named ‘Halinur’) had simply ‘disappeared’ alongside millions of others. These supposed ‘relatives’ are actors paid to dress-up in inaccurate clothing and ‘pretend’ to be Uyghur. This racist misrepresentation is obvious if one happens to be ethnic Chinese or Uyghur. CCTV found ‘Halinur’ alive and well and still living in her home-town in Xinjiang province. Furthermore, she confirmed in an interview that she had nor relatives living abroad, and her extended family was shown in and around their Xinjiang living quarters. Halinur stated that she (and the Uyghur people) does not support the lies of the West, and that there are ‘NO’ Uyghur people ‘missing’ in China. Within 30 minutes of CCTV (English) publishing this video, YouTube ‘deleted’ it because it does not want US Government lies revealed as being ‘untrue’.  

As I am a British academic with extensive Mainland Chinese contacts, colleagues and Comrades, I contacted an academic friend of mine who forwarded me the following (English language) link featuring a video showing many Uyghurs said to be missing in Western propaganda sources, alive and well and going about their daily lives in China:

The Chinese language text reads: 


This translates as: 

‘There are Hundreds of tweets using the ‘#stillmissing’ tag on the overseas social media platform –  Twitter. The tweeters continuously repeat the ‘lie’ that the whereabouts of their Uyghur relatives and friends is unknown. On the Internet, the Western media creates the falsehood that some people are ‘missing’, whilst in real life, they lead perfectly normal lives. CGTN reporters made an in-depth investigation into Xinjiang and found out the true situation.’ 

The above video reveals the lies of the US Government, its supporters and paid hangers on in the West! 

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