DPRK: The Logic of the Juche Calendar

When Chronological Time Began in the DPRK! The Patriarch Founder of the DPRK – Kim Il Sung – was Born in 1912!

The US Cold War rhetoric is highly delusional and borders on the establishment of the normalisation of mental illness. A ‘delusion’ is a defined as a dogmatic set of beliefs that have no basis in material reality. If you believe that all cats are made of cheese – and will ‘melt’ if they go out in the sun – you are suffering from a delusion! Just so, the US and its pathological anti-Communist ideology propagates a continues set of ‘lies’, ‘disinformation’ and ‘partial truths’ which manufacture a completely false and fabricated vision of Socialism and Communism so as to equate it with everything that is ‘evil’, ‘undesirable’ and ‘alien’ to the well-being of humanity. As this pseudo-reality has no association with a) historical material reality or b) existential material reality, it must be clearly identified as ‘delusional’ in nature and designed to deliberately ‘mislead’ humanity. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is often on the receiving end of this US-generated delusional misrepresentation.  

The Patriarch Founder of the DPRK – Kim Il Sung – was born 1912. The Soviet Union assisted Kim Il Sung in founding the DPRK on September 9th, 1948. Like the USSR, the DPRK adopted the Gregorian Calendar. On September 9th, 1997, the DPRK instigated the ‘Juche Calendar’ (Korean: ‘주체연호’ – Ju Che Yeon Ho) – which marked the origin of the Juche ideology with the birth of its founder – Kim Il Sung – namely ‘1912’. This developed had been discussed for a number of years within the Korean Workers’ Party. It was first suggested by former Foreign Minister Choi Duk- sin in a letter to Kim Il Sung in 1988, although the idea had been informally discussed since 1986. Following the passing of Kim Il Sung ion the 8.7.1994, the idea took on a greater strength and was met with general agreement. As a means to continuously remember the founder of the North Korean State, his victory over US aggression, and his ability to build a Socialist State with Korean characteristics, it was thought a progressive move for the DPRK to instigate a dual-calendar system. The Juche Calendar begins with 1912 being ‘Year 1’.  Given that Kim Il Sung was born on the 15.4.1912, and that the DPRK was founded on the 9.9.1948 (‘Year 37’ of the Juche Calendar), the year 1997 was designated ‘Year 86’ of the Juche Calendar. The Juche Calendar exists side by side with the Gregorian Calendar, but is considered more important. In the DPRK today, the date would be written like this: Juche 108 (2019). 

The US (and the capitalist world in general), continuously attacks the DPRK with a mixture of naked racism and profound ignorance. The DPRK Juche Calendar is continuously attacked as being the height of stupidity, oppression and enforced social engineering. A point to consider is this. The Taiwan regime is what is left of the ruthless US-backed regime known as the ‘Republic of China’ (ROC). This pro-capitalist and pro-Christian regime also instigated a dynastic calendar which began in 1912, and which is still in use today. Although unrelated, the ROC calendar mirrors the exact year of the Juche Calendar, but as Taiwan is a colony of the US, not a word of criticism is spoken against this calendar by the capitalist West! Alternative calendars are used all over the world – Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist, etc – all disagreeing on what year it is, but the US tends not to demean or belittle these other attempts at counting years and marking seasons. The DPRK Juche Calendar mirrors the Gregorian Calendar, but is designed to record the number of years since the birth of Kim Il Sung. Dates before 1912 are recorded as ‘so many years before the Juche Calendar’. 

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