China Confronts US Fascism and Defends the World’s Collective Human Rights (23.12.2019)

By way of contrast, the United States has continuously pursued a policy of attempting to induce ethnic rivalry and racial strife amongst the Chinese people in an attempt to generate false ‘freedom’ movements that look toward and support the ideology of the capitalist West, and rely upon US support and sustenance. This CIA policy protects the existing (and historical) racism existent in the US onto China, whilst trying to undo the Solidarity of the Socialist System and separate the 56 ethnic groups into belligerent and conflicting entities all seeking a little bit of Chinese land for themselves, whilst all holding anti-Han (racist) viewpoints! This US policy seeks to reduce the unity of China into a fascistic cauldron of racial violence, hatred and greed, as a means to defeat the Socialist Revolution and sweep away the Socialist System and replace it with predatory capitalism. The American Government concocts a racially based ‘lie’ about China in the English language which very few people in the West possess the education to oppose, expose or reveal as ‘false’. This ‘lie’ is then perpetuated through the US media and the US education system so that the ‘lie’ is treated as an unquestioned ‘fact’. The US Government perpetuates the racial myth that the Chinese people are physically, psychologically, emotionally, culturally and politically backward, and that Chinese society must be attacked as the ‘evil’ manifestation it is, and replaced with predatory capitalism.