China: Uygur Muslims ‘Reject’ ETIM Islamo-Fascism and Terrorism (Documentary)!

When the Soviet Red Army withdrew from Afghanistan in 1990, the US switched their terrorist-supporting efforts toward China. Since 1990, China has suffered thousands of terrible terrorist attacks – including the hijacking of aeroplanes and the brutal murder of men, women and children on the streets of Xinjiang. As the real reason for this violence is in the service of the US policy of attempting to bring-down Socialism in China, the ETIM are quite happy to kill as many Muslims as possible in an attempt to generate ethnic hatreds and inter-communal violence. Although the people featured here are convicted ETIM terrorists who have committed terrible murders, they are serving their time in Chinese prisons and have ‘rights’ – this is why their faces are respectfully covered by the Chinese Authorities. They receive education and constructive employment whilst imprisoned and are protected from attack or any other form of abuse. The point is to reform these people into upright citizens, as Chinese people within Communist China do not hold grudges. This is not to say that there is terrible sadness because of the ETIM crimes in Xinjiang – there is – but the Islamic Authorities in Xinjiang firmly reject any and all associations with the Islamo-fascism of ETIM and preach regularly in the Xinjiang Mosques about the proper attitude found in the Qur’an and expected of all legitimate Muslims! Please watch the full documentary included at the end of this post to learn the truth! 

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