China: The Terrorist Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM)


Islamo-fascism was an invention of the CIA in the 1970s, and designed to convert the poorly educated tribal peoples of Afghanistan, and recruit them to fight the democratically elected Socialist Government of that country, voted in by the better educated populations of the cities and towns. Following the example of Zionist fascism, this new Islamo-fascist ideology ascribe a ‘superior’ race to a certain (rightwing) interpretation of Islamic theology. Although the peoples inhabiting the tribal areas of Afghanistan were illiterate and lived in a pre-modern culture (with no exposure to modern science), their US over-lords taught them that they were ‘racially’ superior to those better educated town-dwellers who had embraced ‘secular’ Socialism. Furthermore, acts of brutal and random violence were extolled by very same CIA personnel that routinely made use of such behaviour, teaching that ‘terrorism’ was a ‘holy act’ that united the perpetuators with ‘Allah’. None of this is found in the Qur’an, but these illiterate people enjoyed the money, attention and opportunities that their associated with the United States afforded. This new Western-controlled ‘Jihadist’ army was very successful and the beleaguered Socialist Government of Afghanistan requested help from the Soviet Union (which deployed the Red Army from 1979-1989). However, the US Government went into over-drive supporting these Islamo-fascist terrorists – with the 1988 Hollywood film – Rambo III – eulogizing what was then called the ‘Mujahedeen’, but which was later referred to as ‘Al Qaeda’. This same ‘Al Qaeda’ soon turned its guns upon its creators – the USA – and carried-out the 2001 terror attacks on the World Trade Center buildings situated in New York. 

Today, Al Qaeda – being a creation of US Cold War propaganda – is pursuing an anti-China US policy and is attacking the Xinjiang area of northwest China. As US racism serves as the ideological foundation of Al Qaeda thinking, there is a false assumption in operation that underpins ETIM thinking, which assumes that Chinese Muslims primarily relate to the Middle East and not China. This is because the ETIM is a terrorist insurgency into China of Arab or Persian origination, which has very little Chinese Muslim support in reality. One of the main problems the ETIM has had is that of infiltrating Chinese Muslim society, when loyal Chinese Muslims have been active working for the Chinese Socialist State and operating special undercover police which protects mosques, schools, hospitals and shops, etc, from infiltration and external attack. Furthermore, entire regiments in the People’s Liberation Army are comprised of both male and female Chinese Muslims, which operate both locally and nationally. The Chinese Intelligence Services operating abroad also counter effectively, terrorist attacks and attempted infiltrations as they are being planned. Chinese State TV and media does its part by producing and broadcasting highly informative documentaries (in many languages) designed to combat US false news, disinformation and bias, etc. 

What is the ETIM? The ETIM is the Al Qaeda ‘terrorist’ insurgency which attempts to operate in northwest China. The ETIM, as it intends to bring-down the Socialist System of China, supports the broader US policy of opposing ‘Communist’ China, and can be said to be working to assist the US ‘break-up’ of Mainland China into smaller ethnically or religiously-based entities operating through predatory capitalism and ‘liberal’ democracy. The ETIM, therefore, is a terrorist organisation operating in conjunction with the United States of America (and its allies), which uses violence, kidnap, torture, sexual abuse of children, the rape of men and women, murder and intimidation to achieve its ends. The US Government and US media never criticises the ETIM, but continuously seeks to justify its terrorism and murder, concocting all kinds of reasons for supporting this terrorist organization. US schoolchildren are taught in their schools to view the ETIM terrorists as ‘freedom fighters’ – this is the Western (capitalist) ignorance China has to contend with. 

In the Chinese language, the ETIM is written as ‘东突厥斯坦伊斯兰运动’ (Dong Tu Jue Si Tan Yi Si Lan Yun Dong) and is recorded as a ‘terrorist organization’. The ETIM is one of the most brutal and destructive terrorist organizations in the world which exclusively targets Mainland China. The ETIM receives moral and practical support from the West because it targets ethnically ’Chinese’ people (this is the ETIM’s ‘racist’ operational bias). The founder of the ETIM is one ‘Aishan Maihemu’ (艾山·买合苏木 – Ai Shan – Mai He Su Mu) pronounced as ‘HASANMAHSUM’- who is said to be from the Xinjiang region. Generally speaking, the CIA chooses a ‘local’ personage to head its anti-Socialist insurgencies. This is to give the false impression that this US invasion is a ‘popular’ uprising that opposes the incumbent government. This is a well tried and tested procedure and is exactly what the US is currently doing in Bolivia and Venezuela, etc. In China, the CIA operates a similar protocol in China’s Taiwan, Tibet and through the Falun Gong and Eastern Lightning Cults. When Osama Bin Laden controlled the Taliban in Afghanistan, a special ‘China Camp’ was established (funded from abroad) which recruited and trained around 320 ‘terrorists’ from the Xinjiang area. This ‘China Camp’ also funded itself through drug trafficking, murder and robbery. The ETIM in Afghanistan recruited those from Xinjiang who already possessed criminal records, had served prison sentences for various crimes, and were generally disruptive to living as part of a community in a peaceful society. These people are not intelligent and do not realise that they are being manipulated by foreign powers. These people carryout murder for profit and the US falsely claim that it is supposedly ‘ideologically’ inspired. Despite the US supporting the ETIM, the United Nations (UN) declared the ETIM as an international ‘terrorist organisation’ in September, 2002. This is why the Ministry of Public Security (in China) recognized the ETIM as a ‘terrorist organization’ in December, 2003. The US responded by stating that China was violating the ‘Human Rights’ of the ETIM members.  

In the early 20th century, outside forces hostile to China attempted to split China along ethnic and religious lines. This is not a suitable attitude when viewed in the light of thousands of years of Chinese culture. This type of separatism contradicts the premise of Chinese culture and has led to the deaths of thousands through terrorism and ethnic strife. Good Chinese Muslims support the Socialist State and reject completely the ideology of Islamo-fascism. The Communist Party of China supports all peace-loving and good Muslim people throughout the world. Muslims have lived in China for over a thousand years and have been highly respected for their bravery and loyalty. Many Chinese Muslims fought in the People’s Liberation Army and are fully supportive of the Communist Revolution. In return, the CPC created the Xinjiang Automatous Province (and other Muslim area in China). The CPC (and the Han people of China) loves and respects ALL Chinese Muslims and will continue to protect and develop these wonderful Islamic communities.  

Since the 1990s, and under the influence of terrorism, separatism, and extremism, the ETIM forces (at home and abroad) have turned to violent terror as the main means for their separatist activities. ‘Aishan Maihemu’ (艾山·买合苏木 – Ai Shan – Mai He Su Mu) pronounced as ‘HASANMAHSUM’ – is also known as ‘ABDUMOHAMMAD’ – and overseas as ‘Hasan Zunduroch’ – is male, Uyghur, born in 1964 in Shule County, Kashgar, Xinjiang, China. In October 1993, Aishan Maihemu was arrested by the Chinese police for violent terrorist activities and sentenced to 3 years in prison. He was released on July 4th , 1996 and fled abroad in January 1997. Since 1997, Aishan Maihemu has trained a large number of terrorists in training camps in Afghanistan, and has planned and carriedout a series of violent terrorist incidents in Xinjiang, China. 

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