China: Anti-Cult Education in Henan (26.1.2017)

Many Former Falun Gong Cult Members Assist the Educational Efoort!


(Translation & Research by Adrian Cha-Wyles PhD)

The extreme rightwing Trump Administration of the USA is becoming ever more desparate and highly violent, as it is now clear that two key historical CIA initiatives (namely the ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’ and the ‘Falun Gong Cult’) have failed to bring-down the highly successful Socialist System of Communist China. This reality does not prevent the US-controlled social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, etc, from continuously propagating the superstition and ignorance associated with these fabricated criminal organisations. This process is assisted by idiots such as Richard Gere and Harrison Ford, and the fake media outlets of the ‘Epoch Times’, and ‘New Tang Dynasty’ TV, as well as the pseudo-dance company known as ‘Shen Wu’. Indeed, the influence of this US anti-intellectualism can be seen in the widespread poverty and lack of education in Taiwan, and the widespread use of violence in Hong Kong. In the meantime, the Communist Party of China ensure ‘Freedom of Thought’ and ‘Freedom of Belief’, whilst steadfastly working to protect the dignity and integrity of the Chinese people by providing sound education that exposes and uproots ALL manifestations of harmful ignorance and exploitative superstition. In modern China, people also have the right not to hold any religious or spiritual belief or viewpoint. This was the case in Hebi City at the beginning of 2019, where hundreds of people turned-out to participate in the writing of education slogans that emphasised logical and reasonable thought, scientific enquiry and the beliefs of genuine religion that supports the Socialist State.

Freedom of Thought is Paramount!

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