Choices, Choices… Voting – UK General Election (12.12.2019)

Tories and LibDems murder 130,000 plus vulnerable people and people with disabilities in the UK through EU-demanded Austerity and the dismantling of the Welfare Stare and privatisation of the NHS. In 2016, the Tories and LibDems were found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity by the UN for these deaths and the persecution campaigns and witchhunts which continue to demonise the disabled in the UK. The Labour Party has lost three Elections in a row – the two most recent under Jeremy Corbyn  – at a time when the British working class has never been so eviscerated, disempowered and embittered as it is today. The same Jeremy Corbyn who oppesed the EU all his life as an anti-Socialist and anti-working class neo-liberal entity established by the US post-WWII, who then listened to the pro-Brexit rightwing of his Party and changed his position – now referring to use Socialist opponents (Lexiteers) as ‘fascists’. This is interesting, as last year (during an anti-fascist march in London), Gee (my ethnic Chinese partner) and 2 young daughters were racially abused by a Labour Party supporter, 2 supporters of the Socialist Workers Party and a self-confessed Polish migrant who proclaimed his pride that his grandparents had supported the Nazi Germans during WWII! Apparently the Red Flag of Freedom – according to these Trotskyites – is no different to the barbarous flag of Adolf Hitler. So, what am I left with? It is true that the Tories (and LibDems) initiated policies that has seen my family ripped apart, impoverished, exploited and most recently evicted from their homes, on the other hand, the Labour Party has failed twice to win two pivotal General Elections under Jeremy Corbyn, has portrayed our anti-EU stance as ‘fascism’ and produced members that have racially abused my family in public because they are a) Chinese and b) dared to openly carry the Red Flag of Socialism and Communism in public. Choices, choices…

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