Continued NHS Privatisation – 38 Degrees Email (31.10.2019)

Thanks for signing our petition to stop the dismantling of the NHS, please share if you haven’t already.21 million people in England, are now served by a health service where decisions about services are made by non-statutory, non-organisations, the so-called Integrated Care Systems. NHS GP Primary Care Networks in ‘partnership’ with councils, are beginning to corale ‘customers’ who contact surgeries for a GP appointment, i) to speak to social prescribers or ii) to an app which may under its  terms and conditions harvest your data for sale, iii) to direct you to a profiteering company to ‘help’ you lose weight, or a charity to combat loneliness. Perhaps there is a danger that the coveted NHS Brand, will be diluted or even lost.With one to one NHS GPs appointments becoming rarer, maybe patients will seek out other ‘people’ rather than turn to technology, to help with their problem.  Could it be that these people centred competitors must be discredited somehow?  Whatever the reason, and perhaps emboldened by misguided MPs votes to continue the dismantling of the NHS last week, Brand NHS began it’s assault.On the BBC radio news Monday 28th October, Homeopathy was in the frame. An eloquent practicing homeopath explained that the Professional Standards Authority was about the way homeopaths were trained and registered, not the efficacy of thheir remedies and if people were concerned about a homeopath there should be a way to complain through that Professional Standards Authority.I do not know anything about homeopathy, other than that Prince Charles uses it on his cows and sheep.And I suspect that in the past, if people did not get well, they will have gone to the NHS GP, but this is becoming more difficult.NHS England’s bosses are well versed in the harsh realities of a commercial health service from their time in the USA. However West Yorkshire and Harrogate’s Integrated Care System Board, decided to“expand the existing prevention programme into a new improving population health programme”.This decision immediately followed a 20 week population health management programme in Leeds, delivered by Optum and PwC and paid for by NHS England.In the USA, Optum’s population health management system is central to the business model of “managed care” provided by the USA’s Accountable Care Organisations.Research has found that commercialisation of health services, such as this, reduces patients’ access to professional health care and worsens population health.Who knows, maybe NHS England needs a scapegoat? Or it sees a possibility that its personal health budgets, may be spent on homeopathy?Stevens says “Anything that gives homeopathy a veneer of credibility risks chancers being able to con more people into parting with their hard-earned cash in return for bogus treatments which at best do nothing, and at worst can be potentially dangerous,” he said in a statement.”The NHS ‘new models of care’ are not evidence based reorganisations and the hidden agenda is to shift the cost of care to individuals and families. The NHS mental health provision is inadequate. That is not ‘potentially dangerous’, it is dangerous.Hypocracy.The governance of one non-statutory non-organisation has been described as looking like a ‘spiv’s charter’ by Calderdale and Kirklees 999Call for the NHS campaign group.We are demanding #NHS4All,  free from “ugly self-interest, corruption and deceit.”Thanks for your help.

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