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Facebook inundates our browsers with all kinds of ‘paid’ advertisements nowadays, wanted or not, and invariably of a centrist or rightwing bias (due to Facebooks active and obvious ongoing campaign against the leftwing). A blurred or grey area is that of Trotskyism – a purportedly ‘leftwing’ movement (at least in its observable, surface attributes) which has a history of a) supporting capitalism and b) supporting the forces of international fascism (as Trotsky demonstrated in 1938). It could be argued that even the more ‘centrist’ Facebook adverts are examples of ‘entryism’, or ‘disguised’ rightwing attempts to penetrate the national psyche and gain influence in already existing (and functioning) groups, associations and organisations. Even if Trotskyism is removed from the picture, the idea of ‘deception’ as a legitimate Facebook advertising ploy cannot be ignored. Obviously, I am generalising and cannot (with all honesty) claim to be talking about ALL adverts (as some people advertise perfectly legitimate services), but I am exposing a meta-policy of Facebook algorithms, so to speak, and the type of clientele such an approach has the potential to attract. The reality is that advertising upon Facebook works because (for a sliding scale of fees) it has the potential to reach millions. Another point I have been asked to convey here, is that some people think this might be an ‘American’ group – possibly rightwing Christian – attempting to infiltrate the UK.

About two months ago, a FB advert appeared in my browser entitled ‘Parental Alienation’, posted by a group calling themselves ‘Good Egg Safety’. It asked whether anyone had experienced an ex-partner withholding access to children long-term – with this behaviour supported through British law. As I have an interest in this field (of psychological and physical health), I made a short reply and awaited developments. The blurb assured me that both men and women suffer this, but that generally speaking, in this day and age, by far more men are subjected to this deprivation than women. It used to be, due to patriarchy (or the male dominance as a gender throughout society), that the law in the UK favoured only the man, and placed the average women at an a priori disadvantage when it came to securing a fair separation of assets during a divorce or breakup of partnership, including access (and custody) to children. The (invariably) male judges, assisted by predominantly male barristers and solicitors, etc, often (and automatically) enforced an already bias law in favour of the man, disempowering and dispossessing the woman. As far as I am concerned, this inequality has its roots in the (capitalist) class system, as is the product of the confrontation and aggression inherent in the historical ‘division of labour’. As white, middle class men founded this society we exist within, it naturally follows that any of its laws, no matter how potentially good or equal they were intended to be, represent viewpoints of the time of formulation – a point which may be added is that of the Judeo-Christian basis of the British legal system which quite naturally perceives god as ‘male’ (usually an old man sat on a cloud), his only begotten ‘son’ as visiting the earth, and the first female – ‘Eve’ – as being ‘deceitful’ and deliberating ‘misleading’ Adam – the first male.  

The ‘Good Egg Safety’ organisation is reactionary and revisionist, and I am strongly in favour of declaring it ‘Trotskyite’, but with the caveat that so many rightwing groups today deceptively borrow from the left (as Hitler did), as do Trotskyite groups deliberately borrowing from the right! As an intellectual exercise, it ignores the ‘historical’ issues – or the ‘how we have got’ scenario – and in so doing perpetuates a ‘false’ image of the present situation (as nothing happens in a vacuum). Although the original advert talked of being in contact in about a week – I did not hear anything again until around two months (explained as being due to the high volume of predominantly ‘male’ response all detailing examples of ‘parental alienation’. New Labour (1997-2010) brought in legislation that acted as a pendulum shifting the burden of injustice from male domination in divorce, to female preferencing as the default position. These New Labour legal changes did not acknowledge the inherent injustice within the capitalist system, or truly solve the issue in any way. Simply shifting ‘power’ bias in law does not solve the injustices committed historically against women by men, and neither does it generate the correct existential or future conditions for gender bias to be transcended or moved beyond. Working class men with little wealth or access to legal knowledge have invariably been the victims of this shift, and this fact has only empowered the political rightwing as it cries ‘injustice’ and attempts to mobilise the masses into what it considers a fascist take-over. Make no mistake, the right’s answer to this issue, as it supports capitalism, is not the removal of gender bias, but rather the ‘return’ to the old status quo of male domination and female disempowerment. 

A few days ago, I received an email from ‘Good Egg Safety’ which included a link (which at first did not work), to a ‘secret’ FB page. I thought this odd if the cause was so popular and prevalent (as stated in their email) why hide it? (indeed, a member was soon ‘banned’ for sharing a post elsewhere). Lots of men joined, and the first few posts were bland and run of the mill. Then, a post appeared demonising a highly qualified health professional, justified on the grounds of ‘she is disempowering men by denying the gender bias’. This woman is of British Asian origin. The FB-page advised everyone to go through their legal notes and ‘dismiss’ this woman if her name came up. The next post that caught my eye (and sunk this site) was from a rightwing (neo-liberal) website entitled the ‘Empathy Gap’. This is anti-woman and anti-Black and Asian whilst pretending to be representing all people. It criticises male circumcision in Muslims, for instance, but does not mention Judaism once – as Zionism is invariably rightwing). Its approach to this issue is ‘ahistorical’ and it aims its strongest vitriol against what it interprets as ‘feminism’ (but which is nothing more than bourgeois women asserting their middle-class privilege). My point is this; no matter what injustices we as men have suffered (and I am not downplaying or denying the reality of these injustices), women are not the cause and women are not our enemy (regardless of the circumstances of our personal relations). It is the inherent contradictions within the capitalist system that creates these inequalities, because inequality is good for profit-making. Middle-class women being assertive is not genuine ‘feminism’. This is simply their class privilege writ large. They are still subject to the whims of middle- and upper-class men. Genuine ‘feminism’ understands that capitalism is the corrupt foundation to all inequality (something the rightwing will not accept), and that men and women are all subject to its injustices and inequalities, albeit in different and historical defined ways. A true ‘feminist’ strives to other throw the capitalist system so that both men and women are ‘freed’ together. Although we are being ‘freed’ in different ways and to different degrees is irrelevant to the fact of ‘removing’ capitalism as the prime-mover of all injustice within and throughout society. A true Socialist man strive to free themselves and all women (and girls) from the grips of misogyny, just as all Socialist women work to free themselves and all men (and boys) from the grip of capitalist corruption and legal inequality. As men, we may have suffered the slingshots and arrows of destiny, but please retain your dignity and leadership skills, and seek-out more progressive means to seek social (and moral) justice. Whatever you do, please do not sink into the intellectual and moral abyss of fascism and misogyny!   

ACW (27.10.2019) – last day of life at Casa Dela Rosa – Torquay 

Dedicated to Diane Wyles (my mother – the greatest of them all!) and Gee Wyles (the rock upon which I build my People’s Headquarters! 

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