Odd Goings On in and Around Hong Kong (2016)


I came across this article on the Chinese internet yesterday. It is a news story from the Tai Kok Tsui area of Kowloon (in the ‘New Territories’). The Anti-Triads Action Team reported a dramatic increase in the discovering of weapons caches throughout the region. This included imitation rifles and all kinds of weapons used in martial arts training. Hong Kong Police raided a number of buildings and flats, arresting various groups of men and women aged between 26 – 49 years old – including one man from Vietnam. The weaponry included nunchaku, knives, swords and fire-arms – which are being tested (article dated 16.1.2016). Although linked to drug-trafficking – it is interesting that this kind of weapon amassing was going on, given the recent trouble in Hong Kong. It is thought that Western powers have been using the criminal (pro-capitalist) Triad formations which although now ‘banned’ in the Mainland of China, are very much active in the non-Socialist countries of the world.

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