Lugansk Young Communists Find Grave of WWII Soviet Anti-Fascist Hero NINA IVANTSOVA! (9/28/2017)


Communist Party of Lugansk – Russian Language


(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Recently, in the face of US, UK and EU-back neo-Nazi aggression emanating from the Hitlerite ‘Euro-Maidan’ regime (currently occupying Western Ukraine, there have been many people who wish to promote a form of patriotism. Dozens of public organizations have taken on the legendary name of the Young Guard. This, of course, is a bold claim which has its own significance, due to the unprecedented feat of the heroic youth captured by the Nazi Germans at Krasnodon. “Where your treasure is, there your heart is” – this biblical principle, although inspiring, alas, is not relevant for the current situation. More to the point, Donbass is fighting for its survival against a Western-backed neo-Nazi aggression facilitated by the ‘Euro-Maidan’ regime. Things could get better or worse, and we must be prepared for both situations. It is no good conjuring-up the names of heroic Soviet fighters when their graves remain in an unkept state and their memories faded. We must remember the Soviet dead with respect before we copy their names! We must repair their graves before we assume their nmes!

In September 2017, the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Komsomol underground in Krasnodon was celebrated. This is our duty in the face of neo-Nazi aggression. The Komsomol organization of modern Lugansk, however, successfully completed the search for the lost and forgotten grave of the legendary member of the Young Guard organization known as Nina Ivantsova. A group led by the secretary of the city committee of the Komsomol – Stanislav Rozhnov – led an extensive search of an abandoned cemetery in the area of ​​the Lugansk bus station. The tomb of the legendary hero was found with great happiness! Partially destroyed by vandals, and overgrown, but this so precious find was made possible thanks to the efforts of Komsomol members Ilya Borisov, Ernest Kasatkin and Serafima Raba, which, by the way, is surprisingly similar to the young heroine of the novel Fadeev.

Nina Mikhailovna Ivantsova managed to avoid the tragic fate of her friends, but despite desparate fighting she could not break through the Nazi German front line, and was forced to return with frostbite to Krasnodon. Despite many attempts to breakout, she was eventually rescued by the Red Army and returned to her homeland with the Soviet troops. Even then she continued to participate in hostilities, before being discharged from the ranks of the Soviet Army in September 1945 with the rank of Lieutenant of the Guard.

Nina Ivantsova graduated from the Donetsk Party School and Voroshilovgrad Pedagogical Institute. She worked in the apparatus of the Voroshilovgrad Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine and in the Engineering Institute. She died on January 1, 1982. The whole city gathered for the funeral, but no one, including museum workers – after more than 30 years – could remember her burial place. The archive of the cemetery was lost in a fire. In 1996, vandals desecrated the grave, whilst only late brother Kim Mikhailovich Ivantsov, who had no children, looked after her grave. Information about relatives is not known, apparently, in Lugansk they were none left at all. But now, thanks to the efforts of the Young Communists, the hero’s grave will become a place of pilgrimage and inspire the Oath of Heroes of a new era!

The grave of Nina Ivantsova is in an extremely neglected state. Six marble slabs and a bas-relief hae been stolen, with the monument now being skewed, the remaining slabs have been knocked down, the original mound removed and inscriptions destroyed. The Communist Party of the Lugansk People’s Republic calls for financial assistance to restore the grave. Please make any donations to the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation 4276 5200 1422 5771 Andrey Kubrak. Information about the donation is required (!) Please inform by e-mail. mail A report on the receipt and expenditure of funds will be published on the KPLNR website, as well as on the page in the contact “Union of Communists of the Luhansk Region.”

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