Supporting Jodie Whittaker as Dr Who

It is Important to Avoid ‘Reaction’ Whilst Remaining Constructive Whilst Criticising!

I was enthusiastic when Jodie Whittaker took-over as Dr Who from Peter Capaldi (pictured a number of times stood in-front of a poster of Lenin, whilst continuously making pro-worker statements throughout his tenure). I was working from the assumption that a woman playing the Doctor was a progressive development – and this is still is my position. However, after viewing the first two episodes – I stopped watching the series – something I hadn’t done perhaps since the 1980s and 1990s due to education, relocating and work, etc. My problem is not with Jodie Whittaker or her co-stars, and neither is it with the writer Chris Chibnall, but rather with the BBC. The BBC has lurched to the political right since 2010 and has refused to acknowledge that the Tories and LibDems – through their ‘Austerity’ programme that has cut Benefits and privatised the NHS – have caused the deaths of between 120,000 – 130,000 vulnerable, elderly and disabled people in the UK, or that after a lengthy investigation, the United Nations found the Tories and LibDems ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ for this treatment of the disabled and their deaths. Furthermore, the BBC has resolutely supported the US-backed neo-Nazi ‘Euro-Maidan’ regime which illegally took power in Western Ukraine with the blessing of President Barak Obama in 2014! This is a BBC that is racist, rightwing and supportive of neo-Nazism in Eastern Europe that has tried to camouflage its recent activities by appealing to the bourgeois left with fictional programmes such as Dr Who which present a mythical view of the world – the inverse of the reality that the BBC is encouraging in reality. Indeed, the UN Report stated that the British media – which included the BBC – was behaving like the media of Nazi Germany in the 1930s as Hitler ideologically targeted Jews, Communists, Romany, the Disabled and anyone who opposed his dystopic view. I see no reason why the BBC should be allowed to hide its Crimes Against Humanity behind a veneer of responsibility that is Dr Who. Having re-engaged Series 11 (and watching single episodes out of sequence), I find Jodie Whittaker playing a very good Dr Who, with her unusual co-stars all playing their parts at different times and in different ways. Chris Chibnall has produced a multicultural masterpiece which I now support after ideologically ‘divorcing’ it from the BBC that produced it. Seeing an openly ‘gay’ King James finally melted my heart and has led to me re-positioning my stance over this series. My position has been strengthened against the misogynistic attacks upon Jodie Whittaker, and those who express a racist dislike of the series simply because of its elaborate multicultural cast! Dr Who is liked in Communist China due to its progressive science and perceived leftwing bias – and long may it remain so! 

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