When You Look at ‘Labour’…

What the revisionist left will not tell you is that the British Labour Party does not represent the working class. This omission is generally presented through a mindless call to support this bourgeois entity for exactly the opposite (alleged) reason – ‘it supports the working class’. Another truth omitted is that Leon Trotsky inspires the Labour in everything it does. This racist, capitalist and collaborator with fascism is the true smiling face behind everything that Labour does. Having stood in an anti-fascist march in London and watched ‘White’ female members of the Labour Party racially abuse non-White attendees was a sight to behold. Many view this the wrong way around. This is not ‘atypical’ of Labour – but entirely ‘typical’ of the thinking that underlies its anti-Communist and anti-Socialist propaganda. This explains why the Communist Party is prevented from ‘affiliating’ with the Labour Party, and Communists ‘proscribed’ from joining the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn has spent his life opposing the EU – but recently referred to everyone on the left who opposes it as being a ‘fascist’. In 2009, a colleague of mine (who worked for the Audit Commission) attended a meeting with a New Labour Minister (along with hundreds of others). The message from Gordon Brown was that Britain’s membership of the EU demanded that the NHS be privatized and the Welfare State be dismantled – all to be replaced by private health and unemployment payments introduced over a 15-year period. The middle-class forces that control the Labour Party never change and the Labour Party cannot be trusted. The Labour Party could not even win a General Election in 2015 and 2016 when the British people were suffering to their greatest extent! People are still dying in the UK due to Labour’s failure – whilst Jeremy Corbyn demonizes those who oppose the EU as being ‘fascists’. The appalling behaviour of the entire Labour Party in recent years is laying the foundation for another Tory-LibDems victory in the not too distant future.  

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