Bay Care Corrective Deployed – the ‘Silence of the Lambs’…

Ann Marie Lambert – Relative of ‘Louise J Lambert’ – AKA wordpress blogger ‘Louise Mabey’


I received via email the following message from one ‘Louise J Lambert’ – who blogs on wordpress as ‘Louise Mabey’: 

‘What a load of inaccurate rubbish you’ve written’ 

To be fair, this family does not possess a lot of common-sense, with Louise apparently unaware that the email wordpress sends to me informing me of her comment – also tells me exactly who she is and what she gets up to on her blog. Be warned – this family ‘lies’ as a matter of course – and ‘Louise Mabey’ participates in what the Americans refer to as ‘stolen valour’ – when she posts letter written by a relative who served in the RAF during WWII… Loise J Lambert is obviously a relative of ‘Ann Marie Lambert’ who is photographed terrorising a client under Bay Care ‘care’ a year ago. As a lawful ‘corrective’ to this behaviour of Louise Mabey I have added the name of her relative to the above photograph. People will learn that everytime they support the criminal behaviour of Bay Care, its Managers or Staff, more and more facts will be released into the public domain.  

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