Global Cooling: How the BBC Manipulated Opinion in the 1970s

The BBC was established in 1922 by the British bourgeoisie to represent the viewpoints of the British establishment. The British Government immediately empowered the BBC by granting it the legal ability to raise funds through a compulsory licensing fee charged to any who owns a television. In those days this only applied to the very rich, but today, as TV set, computers and ipads are common and relatively inexpensive, the BBC can raise around £3.7 billion (as in 2014) through the licensing fee. Although its charter talks of presenting a ‘balanced’ interpretation of history and current events, the reality is often quite different. As the BBC has a Royal Charter it is directly governed by the Secretary of State of the ruling Government. Therefore, since 1945, the extent of its ‘impartiality’ has varied with whoever is in Government, with it being an unquestioning mouthpiece for US Cold War propaganda. Since 2010, the continuous elections of rightwing Conservative and LibDems Governments, (perpetuating their ‘Austerity’ agenda), the BBC has been an unflinching supporter of the rightwing and has adjusted all its reporting and interpretations to reflect this position. The BBC has said nothing about the deaths 120,000+ British people who have died because of Tory Austerity since 2010 (caused by the sudden dismantling of the Welfare State and privatisation of the NHS), or the damning UN Report of 2016 which effectively found the Tories and LibDems ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ for these actions! In the 1970s, the BBC pursued the illogical agenda of global cooling’, suggesting that a new ‘ice age’ was about to dawn on the planet. The BBC even funded a mammoth documentary series designed to convince the British that a new ice age was imminent and that everyone should prepare for it! To accompany this false propaganda, John Gribbin published his 1975 book entitled ‘Forecasts, Famines and Freezing’, whilst Nigel Calder wrote ‘The Weather Machine and the Threat of Ice’. This may have been due to the influence of US anti-intellectualism and the bizarre (and false) American claim that the USSR was developing a special technology that could manipulate the weather! Prof. Brian J Ford states in a recent book that only 10% of the academic literature of the scientific community in the 1970s speculated about global cooling, (with this body of unconvincing work being viewed very much as ‘pseudo-science’), with 90% of the same literature providing concrete evidence of a rapid ‘global warming’ caused primarily through capitalist methods of (exploiting) and interacting with the environment! 


Brian J Ford, Too Big to Walk – The New Science of Dinasaurs, William Collins, (2019), Pages 31-32 – for BBC bias in favour of an ice age.

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