Review: Gaza – Preparing for Dawn – by Donald MacIntyre (2018), OneWorld


Like many mainstream books on the issue of Palestine and Israel, a thin line has to be trodden which appears to represent both sides, but ultimately absolves the Zionist State of Israel of any wrong-doing and the beleaguered Palestinian people as the reluctant perpetuaters of numerous bad acts. If this formula (packaged as ‘education’) is not followed, then the book simply will not be published, particularly in a UK that follows exactly every pro-Israel dictate issued by the US. One central point steadfastly omitted in this book is that Israel performs a vital task which empowers US foreign policy in the region – namely the destabilising of the numerous Islamic Middle Eastern regimes, which, if they were allowed to develop out of a (artificially maintained) feudal theocratic militancy and into a secular Civil Society, could use their oil revenue to scientifically and technologically eclipse Israel, and perhaps even unite in a Socialist transformation of the area (forming close ties with Communist China). As matters stand, the US (and Israel) encourages all the wealth to be held by regressive ‘royal families’ or backward religious cliques, whilst the majority of the population is kept in a state of abject poverty and reliant upon religious charity, etc. Nothing develops in the region, but the White, colonial invasion and settlement of Palestine continuous uninterrupted. Assassinations, starvation, terror, murder, rape and massive military retaliation are the preferred methods used by the Israeli State in its genocide against the Palestinian people and their culture. Of course, none of this is mentioned in this otherwise engaging book… What follows are a very small example of what I consider to be Israel’s ‘criminal’ activity in the region. It is in no way exhaustative and many more examples could be highlighted. Israel’s criminality is continuous and ongoing, and is motivated by its ‘Zionist’ ideology – declared by the UN in 1975 as a form of Jewish ‘White Supremacy’. I join with all right-minded Jews around the world and call for an end of this Israeli criminality and the freedom of the Palestinian people!

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

The author, to his credit (albeit in a footnote), does provide details of Jewish (Zionist) terrorist attacks against British targets in the mid to late 1940s – but fails to point out to his readership that whilst a British Army of conscripts and volunteers bloodily fought its way through a Nazi German occupied Western Europe, (liberating these countries at a terrible cost and eventually discovering and freeing millions of imprisoned Jews in Nazi German Concentration Camps), Zionist Jews living in Palestine (who whilst living under Arab protection and British Authority had not been directly affected by the European Holocaust), nevertheless took it upon themselves to ‘attack’, ‘murder’ and ‘kill’ members of the very same British Army (and British Authorities) that was doing its best to fight Hitlerism and defeat the forces of international fascism! It is staggering to consider that by attacking the British Army during the 1940s, the Jewish (Zionist) terrorists in Palestine were effectively aligning themselves with the war objectives of Nazi Germany! Again, yet another ‘taboo’ fact not allowed to be discussed or considered in the general Israeli-dominated debate on this subject. If the author had even ‘hinted’ at this, I suspect he would have been arrested for (imagined) anti-Semitism, but historical fact is historical fact and the average Israeli is taught in the classroom to be ‘proud’ of the terrorism his or her fore-fathers wrought upon the British Army (and British Authorities) in Palestine. In a very real sense, a certain (and often privileged) sector of middle-class European Jewry had first ‘migrated’ into a more or less welcoming (Arab) Palestine, only to eventually attempt an armed invasion and conquest very much in the model of European colonialism in the Americas! The Zionist Jews of Israel are not an ethnic minority fighting for its survival and self-determination but are part of the broader European project of colonialism, imperialism, genocide and theft of land and resources. This should not be surprising when it is understood that ‘Zionism’ is a form of White Supremacy developed and practised by affluent and secularising ‘White’ Jews (ironically originally from Germany)! After an extensive investigation, the usually bias United Nations declared in 1975 (following a unanimous vote) that ‘Zionism’ was a form of ‘White Supremacy’ and religiously based ‘racism’.

Two more Jewish (Zionist) terrorist attacks omitted but of crucial importance are as follows. In January 1948, an explosion in a square in the Arab town of Jaffa murdered 22 people and left scores terribly wounded. Worse was to follow. On April 10th, 1948, a combined Jewish (Zionist) terrorist attack (carried-out by the Zionist terrorist groups Lehi and Etzel) massacred 254 inhabitants (unarmed men, women and children) of the Arab village of Deir Yassin (situated on the outskirts of Jerusalem).

The author writes in an engaging manner and does well with the information he wants (or is allowed by editors and publishers) to share. During the Zionist onslaught against Palestinians (1947-1948), the UN was so shocked by the reports of mass executions of unarmed Palestinians by Jewish (Zionist) terrorist groups, that the Swedish nobleman Folke Bernadotte was dispatched as UN Ambassador to Jerusalem on a fact-finding mission, and to stop these Zionist massacres from happening. During WWII, Folke Bernadotte had personally negotiated the release of over 31,000 prisoners from Nazi German Concentration Camps. However, he was so shocked by what he saw the Jewish (Zionist) terrorists doing in Palestine that he was going to make an official report about the murdering and its similarities to Nazi German atrocities carried-out (against Jews) during WWII. The Israeli Authorities would not let such a report be issued and so Folke Bernadotte was murdered on the 17th of September 1945 by the Jewish (Zionist) terrorist group known as ‘Lehi’ (one of the terrorist groups known to have murdered thousands of Palestinians). Today, Israeli school-children are taught to be proud of this Zionist defiance of the International Community. The author makes no mention in his narrative of this pivotal event.

Operation Susannah. On June 30th, 1954, Israeli special agents in Egypt launched a covert operation code-named ‘Susannah’. This was led in Egypt by Israeli spy-master Abraham Dar whose cover identity was that of ‘John Darling’ – a representative of a British electronics company. The Israeli Government authorised Israeli Military Intelligence Unit 131 (in charge of diversionary tactics), to plant bombs in British and American targets in Alexandria. The aim was to cause huge civilian casualties and drive a wedge between Egypt and the US and UK – with Israel fabricating evidence of the atrocities being carried-out by the Palestinians (turning the West against Egypt and the Palestinians and giving a green light to unbridled Israeli military aggression in the region – in preparation for the Israeli invasion of Gaza which happened in 1955). There followed a number of US targets bombed in Cairo and Alexandria. However, during December 1954, a number of Israeli agents were caught red-handed carrying bombs into a Cairo movie theatre. They admitted their crimes under interrogation and two were given the Death Sentence. One committed suicide in prison, whilst the rest were exchanged for Egyptian POWs following the Six Day Way in 1967 (where they returned to Israel as ‘heroes’). The author makes no mention of this incident in his book.

The Israeli Airforce and Israeli Navy, during the Six Day War, deliberately, and with malice of fore-thought, attacked the US warship USS Liberty on June 8th, 1967. This resulted in the deaths of 34 crew members (naval officers, seamen, two marines, and one civilian), and 171 crew members wounded, with the ship severely damaged. The USS Liberty – an intelligence gathering vessel – was in International Waters north of the Sinai Peninsula, northwest of the Egyptian City of Arish. The Israelis were participating in a massive land-grab from the Palestinians and were determined that no one, either politically or militarily – would come to their aid. For decades news of this attack was kept from the general public, particularly as the US moved into its current position of a priori supporting any and all Israeli aggression. At this time, Yevgeny Primakov explains the view from the Soviet Union:

‘Not that there was any need for US interference: Israel’s military victory was all too obvious. The Soviet Union was in a quite different position. On June 10, in the final hours of the war and in defiance of the UN Security Council resolution calling for a cease-fire, Israeli troops advanced upon Damascus. The Soviet first deputy foreign minister Vasily Kuznetsov wasted no time in Summoning Israel’s ambassador in Moscow, Katriel Katz, and handed him a note that stated, “If Israel does not cease military activities without delay, the Soviet Union in conjunction with other peace-loving states (a reference to the members states of the Warsaw Pact) will impose sanctions on Israel, with all the consequences that would entail.” The note also declared: “The government of the Soviet Union has taken the decision to break off its diplomatic relations with Israel.”’ (Yevgeny Primakov: Russia and the Arabs, Basic Books, (2006), Page 114.

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