The Trotskyite Deception


Trotsky’s Legacy in Mexico – Photographs

The above photograph is of the main entrance of Leon Trotsky’s former residence in Mexico. Today, it is a museum attracting many tourists and income for the Mexican Government. I am sure Trotsky would agree with this exploitation of the Mexican people and his political legacy which has caused so much suffering for the working-class around the world! Although never a committed Bolshevik, Trotsky understood that the Communist Party of Russia – led as it was by Lenin and coordinated by Stalin – was on its way to power and the other throw of the corrupt (and feudal) Czarist system, and the ineffectual Provisional Government. This is when Trotsky saw his chance of being associated with an ascending political movement that possessed the potential to propel him into a position of power, influence and authority. For a short-time in the heady atmosphere of Revolutionary Russia, Trotsky would achieve all three, before sowing the seeds of his own downfall and attempting to destroy the Revolution through his warped thinking. His distortion of Soviet history and Marxist-Leninism has done nothing to further the well-being of the working-class and has led to NO Revolutions! What it has done is cement the presence and power of predatory capitalism around the world, and assisted in the eventual collapse of the USSR and of Communism in Eastern Europe! Trotskyism exists to destroy Soviet Communism and to return all countries that have attained a Marxist-Leninist Revolution (in the Soviet model) back into a state of predatory capitalism. This is what Trotskyism refers to as working-class ‘freedom’ – the ‘freedom’ to be exploited by the bourgeoisie! Trotskyism is a virus that enters the body of politics through the disease of deception, and sets about destroying the genuine left from within! Never tolerate Trotskyism and always work to expose and deconstruct its nonsense!

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