Disinforming About the USSR – Everything You Need to Know!

Harpo Marx – Moscow (1933)

The process of demonising the USSR in US and UK discourse is interesting and dates in its most developed form only from the post-1945 period. The 1930s in the USSR is falsely depicted as being defined by mass starvation and brutal purges. However, this narrative did not exist in 1930s America simply because it was not happening in the USSR at the time. Consider this, if mass starvation and wide repression were happening why did President Roosevelt establish full diplomatic relations between the US and USSR? Why did he send Harpo Marx (of the Marx Brothers) as a special envoy to Moscow? The narratives attacking Stalin were invented only after the US started the Cold War in the late 1940s and quite literally ‘invented’ a pseudo history to replace the real history as it actually happened. US literature from the 1930s tended to begrudgingly marvel at the economic stability and growth of the USSR whilst the US suffered the Wall Street Crash! 1992 saw a concerted effort to destroy Socialism in East German (Post-Berlin Wall) with two women paid by the US to write a fictional account about mass rapes carried out by the Red Army in Germany at the end of WWII (despite no one mentioning it at the time). Official UN records deny this ever happened, but British historian Anthony Beevor included this lie in his 2002 book on the fall of Berlin (this is why his work is banned in Russia). The point of this was to associate Socialism with moral degradation and present capitalism (laughingly) as a ‘moral’ alternative! UN figures, incidently, record that the US Army carried out 10,000 rapes, the British Army 400 and the Soviet Red Army 4,000 during the Liberation of Europe. Whereas most Red Army soldiers were shot, the British and US rapists were temporarily detained and then released. The UN also records that the US rapes were known for their gang related violence. Not only was the Soviet Union not misrepresented in this manner during WWII, but the West desparately relied upon its Red Army to hold the forces of Nazi Germany in check until such a time that they were weakened enough for the Western forces to deal with them throughout Western Europe. Finally, honest British historians such as Alexander Werth and EH Carr were forced to ‘insert’ ahistorical disinformation into their later work (if they wanted it published) as they came under pressure from the British government to ‘lie’ about Soviet history.

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