The US is Behind ALL Anti-China Sentiment!

Communist Manifesto (English Translation)

The United States is one expression of post-WWII predatory capitalism, but it is a dominant one that leads all over capitalist regimes, whilst sustaining and justify that ruthless economic system. It resorts to extensive political oppression within the US, including a widespread anti-Socialist propaganda that routinely re-writes history and utilises a preferred religiously-based anti-intellectualism amongst its own population. This US cultural ignorance is exported out of the US and into the surrounding world. It is propagated through financial and military aid and is used to illicit (usually ‘illegal’) regime changes that sees popular centrist and leftist regimes replaced with highly unpopular rightist dictatorships and fascistic parodies of the liberal, democratic system. Part of this policy is the exporting of White racism amongst non-White populations subject to this US aid and influence. The irony is that these non-White populations have been subjected to this White racism for decades, and now find themselves in a position of having to ‘prove’ their loyalty to the US as a means to justify the continued supplying of aid. The non-White victims of White (imperialist) racism are now enforced to willingly take-on, accept and legitimise this White racism and form a fascistic ‘United Front’ against America’s current (perceived) non-White enemies. At the moment, due to the success of Communist China and the threat this is seen to be to the hegemony of US capitalism, the non-White populations of Taiwan, South Korea, India and the Philippines and many other places around the world, actively participate as ‘proxy’ perpetuators of US anti-China racism, using any and all racial mythology to misrepresent, demonise and de-humanise the people of Mainland China, and deny, trivialise and side-line any and all technological and scientific achievements. Although this anti-China racism is translated into other languages, its primary written medium is English – the language of all dominant White racism. This legitimises the idea that all other languages are inferior and encourages and reassures the White middle classes that it is their language and culture which is still dominant in the world. When non-White people collude with US anti-China racism, it is falsely presented as ‘empowering’, but in reality, is nothing more than a betrayal of all legitimate anti-fascist protest. When non-White people align themselves with the strictures of White racism, they are operating as a fifth column bringing-down the anti-racist and anti-fascist movement from within. This situation is conflated by the bourgeois ideology of Trotskyism which pollutes the leftwing and leads White people toward rejecting Marxist-Leninism and aligning themselves with capitalism, Eurocentricism and White domination. When White Trotskyites unite with non-White people supporting White (US) racism, a pseudo-leftism is generated that serves as an alternative (and fake) leftism which works to invert the image of Communist China and reinvents it as a capitalist country no different to the US (although one that departs from the European model due to its racial and moral deficiency). Working within the Chinese diaspora, this has included the entirely false idea that there is a Maoist fifth column operating within Mainland China, a story that has more to do with Hollywood imagination than any reality on the ground in China, and that China – a country that guarantees religious freedom – oppresses religious belief. This is untrue. Just as the US takes judicial action against any religious movement it deems illegal or unlawful, just so does the Government of China, although to be fair, China only criminalises those religious cults operating on the Mainland which are financed and directed by the CIA (such as Eastern Lightning, the Falun Gong Cult and the Pro-Tibetan Movement, etc).

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