Defending Socialist China from US Fascism (1965)!


I once met a British person who lived in East Germany in the old days and he said all the citizens were trained to ‘defend’ the Berlin Wall from NATO attack. This was at weekends and various other times throughout the year. Although guns were not ‘owned’ within society – they were available for military training amongst the people. Gun usage within Socialist societies is very different to the anarchic capitalist usage found in decadent America. It is no secret that Hitler enacted gun-ownership within Nazi Germany premised upon the US – where a dominant ethnicity then used those guns to a) control and b) kill any undesirable groups. The above is a poster dating from 1965, printed within Mainland (Communist) China. The Chinese language text reads ‘练好本领保卫社会主义祖国’ – which can be translated as ‘Practice the Skills to Defend the Socialist Motherland!’ At this time the Sino-Soviet Split had developed (dating from Khrushchev’s so-called ‘Secret Speech’ falsely demonizing the ally of China – Joseph Stalin in 1956), and China was always on the alert for a US-led invasion. Whereas in the United States the ‘Right to Bear Arms’ is designed to increase stupidity throughout American society (resolving interpersonal issues not with discussion, understanding or the reasonable application of the rule of law – but rather by using ‘force’ and ‘violence’), and to support, strengthen and maintain the capitalist system – the use of weapons in a Socialist society has two broad functions. The first is to protect the working class as it ‘seizes the means of production’ from the reactionary violence of the bourgeoisie (within the country in question), and to protect the ‘Revolution’ once it has been accomplished within a certain geographical area from ‘external’ attack from the aggression of the International Bourgeoisie. As ‘anarchism’ is generally the enemy of ‘Socialism’, the ignorant (bourgeois) individualism found (and encouraged) within the US is not allowed in any true progressive and advanced society. This explains ‘why’ gun-ownership amongst the general population is regulated and limited. This is the opposite policy to that found within fascistic societies such as Nazi Germany and the US. However, this is not the entire story. Within Socialist society, although gun-ownership is limited within individual households (except for farming or indigenous hunting communities, etc), citizens are encouraged to join State-run gun clubs or associations where they may participate in the ‘safe’ training in the use of all types of fire-arms. This is augmented by citizens joining local ‘armed’ militias where training in guerilla warfare is provided. All this activity is designed to keep ‘civil society’ free of gun-crime and conducive to progressive cultural, technological and scientific development. The fascistic capitalism of the US ensures that an ignorant White majority ‘murders’ non-Whites (using fire-arms) at an alarming rate due to a racist grudge (which is implicit throughout American society). When the Black and Asian communities are perceived as ‘arming’ themselves (either rhetorically or literally) in response to this racist attack from the White community – they are instantly labelled ‘criminals’ and without ‘trial’ shot-dead by the White police (and their allies). This is even correct when suspects are a) unarmed, and b) not engaged in any criminal activity. Although the ‘Red Army’ (i.e. ‘People’s Liberation Army’) is the first-line of any governmental defence of the Revolution – it is also true that Socialist citizens (whilst not owning guns in their homes) have a duty to enroll in suitably regulated fire-arms training courses and learn how to defend the nation! Although the US model of fire-arms ownership is fascistic and regressive – the Socialist method of gun-control is progressive and suitable for the peaceful development of society. Of course, should the neo-imperialist forces of the US invade or attack ‘Communist’ China – they will be destroyed as they were in Korea and Vietnam!

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