How Ex-Gestapo Chief Klaus Barbie Assisted Israel in Arms Deals


We must all fight the good fight against all forms of fascism. Jewish people the world over must resist the forces of neo-Nazism – as must we all! This is why we stand with the Jewish people of the world! Part of this anti-fascist alliance is an opposition to rightwing ‘Zionism’ currently infecting the thoughts and behaviour of the government and military of the modern State of Israel. We support the Communist Parties of Israel and Palestine, and join with the various Jewish groups around the world that condemn Isreali-Zionist fascism and the ongoing persecution of the Palestinian people. It is ironic to think that whilst Mossad was (quite rightly) hunting-down Nazi War Criminals – the Israeli government was making ‘arms deals’ with ex-Nazi Klaus Barbie!

‘Licio Gelli’s contacts and associates spread far and wide. They included Stefano Delle Chiaie, Pierluigi Pagliani and Joachim Fiebelkom, all members of the private army set up in Bolivia by ex-Gestapo Chief Klaus Barbie. The group took the name ‘Fiancé’s of Death’. Political assassinations were performed to order, including that of Bolivian Socialist leader Marcelo Quiroga Cruz. The ”Fiancé’s of Death’ were also instrumental in brining to power in Bolivia in 1980 General Garcia Meza. Klaus Barbie used his Nazi training as “security adviser” to Colonel Gomez, a man with a great deal of Bolivian blood on his hands.

The group that Barbie controlled with the blessing of the Bolivian junta expanded its activities after a coup of 1980. The murders of political opponents, investigating journalists, labour leaders and students increased. Added to this work was the task of “regulating” the cocaine industry – destroying the small dealers to ensure that the big drug traffickers could flourish with the junta’s protection. From 1965, Barbie’s activities in Bolivia had included arms deals not only on behalf of Bolivia but also for other right-wing South American regimes and Israel. It was through such arms deals that Klaus Barbie, an unrepentant member of the SS, and Licio Gelli became business partners: Barbie, who between May 1940 and April 1942 was responsible for the liquidation of all known Freemasons in Amsterdam, and Licio Gelli, the Grand Master of Masonic Lodge P2.’

David Yallop: In God’s Name, Kindle Edition, 2012, loc 2389-2405

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