Do Not Use the Terrible Service of ‘Bay Care Group’ (Torquay)


Bay Care Group


Since the Tories ‘privatised’ the NHS in 2012, Social Services have been farmed-out to unqualified members of the middle class intent on making a quick buck out of the suffering of others. These firms are put in contact with elderly or disabled people, and legally given access to their homes – for a ‘fee’ of course, despite the fact that as a nation we have all paid for this care many times over through collective taxation. I live in London but when visiting my parents in Torquay over the last year I have had to witness the true horror of wha this ‘privatisation’ means to the average person in need of care in modern Britain.

I would not recommend this ‘private’ care provider operating in Torbay, after what I have witnessed over the last six months of this firm providing ‘care’ for elderly and disabled members of my family. The staff employed are typically poorly educated (lacking college and/or university qualifications), lack expert knowledge medical and social care skills, and do not possess the social skills and respectful demeanour expected of frontline professional care-providers. Employees are poorly paid and lack motivation. The ‘management’ are indifferent to the concerns raised by their fee-paying clients, and when Bay Care staff are caught behaving incorrectly – instead of apologising and carrying-out appropriate punitive measures – Bay Care simply withdraws its services from the client concerned and re-deploys these deficient staff members to other unsuspecting locations. Staff members have turned-up drunk, arrived late for shifts, not arrived at all, or arrived on time and only to leave shortly after. Staff members have spent time sat using their mobile telephones to play games and interact with friends when they should be providing care to their clients. Some staff members arrive to work driving large transit vans (borrowed from partners) and park across the drive preventing exit and access to the property. Dereliction of duty has led to elderly clients not receiving any food over a 12-hour period, not being washed or given their medication. On occasion, a severally disabled adult has received injuries (reported to the police) due to the lack of training of these employees. I have caught employees opening and reading post addressed to their clients. All these matters, observations and evidence have been passed to the relevant investigating agencies. If you care about the well-being of your loved ones – do not entrust your care to this agency!


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