NHS Comes to an End in Cornwall (5.12.2017)


May Fiddles Whilst the NHS Burns!


Having family members and friends that work in the NHS – I can tell you that no matter how bad you think things are – they are far worse! Any member of NHS that voices concern about privatised or cut services is immediately suspended (without pay), and then ‘sacked’ for telling the truth. People are dying because of NHS privatisation and the slow transition to ‘private’ healthcare. Entire swathes of the population are not receiving adequate or required medical diagnosis and/or treatment, and the infant mortality rate for the UK – one of the richest countries in the world – is steadily increasing. As the government cuts the NHS wage budget, hospitals across the UK are having to cut staff that have trained and practised for years (a process called ‘de-skilling’ by the private health firms) – and due to the lack of funds – are not able to employ new staff. Furthermore, universities are training less NHS staff because the government has cut the NHS education budget. The meagre bursaries for Midwives have been cut, meaning that only White, middle women (with independent means) can afford to train as a Midwife – but even then, private health firms are encouraging ‘new’ Midwives to work within private health sector upon graduation, and avoid the NHS. Since the Con-Dem Coalition in 2012 effectively abolished the NHS, it is nolonger illegal to withhold treatment from a patient, and nolonger considered ‘manslaughter’, should a patient die from neglect. (one famous case involved a man who telephoned the police from his hospital bed in St George’s Hospital, Tooting, stating that he was not being treated correctly – the police refused to act and this man died shortly after, from malnutrition and thirst.) The British people are being conned by Theresa May and her crackpot Tories – who have increased the speed with which hospitals, healthcare centres, and emergency units are being closed down (and the premises sold-off to private developers – usually to build luxury flats). This is a national tragedy of epic proportions made worse by a politically illiterate and apathetic voting population. This entire process is aided and abetted by local GPs who are colluding with this entire process simply to line their own pockets. GPs are withholding treatment, refusing to allow their patients to see Consultants, referring NHS patients to private hospitals (for a commission), and proscribing second or third rate (and often out of date or obsolete) drugs – with the inference that if the patient wants good quality healthcare – then they should pay for private treatment. The irony is that the British tax-payer has already paid many times over for the best quality healthcare to be delivered ‘free at the point of use’ – leaving the question which asks what is this Tory government doing with all this tax revenue? The only hope for the British NHS is the election of the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister!


WHO: North Korea’s Universal Health System – Envy of Developing World (2010)


The capitalist West operates a number of differing health systems that vary in effectiveness and social justice. Millions die of medical neglect every year in the developed and affluent West due to a lack of income, and the subsequent inability to ‘buy’ access into the otherwise opulent and advanced medical facilities, administered by national governments and private enterprises. In the case of the rich USA, many citizens lack even the most basic of health insurance policies, and are refused treatment. The cost of effective healthcare in the US is so great (as the private businesses that run the health system seek to maximise profits by excluding the poor) that many people on low to middle incomes are plunged into debilitating debt, even losing their own homes. Quite often, those suffering from cancer have their treatment stopped half-way through by uncaring doctors as their insurance payments run-out. Of course, the inherent and systemic inequalities within the capitalist system are falsely presented by those who run (and benefit from) that system, as being exclusively the fault of those who suffer from these inequalities. The poor are considered ‘poor’ not because the middle class steals their money and keeps them in a deficient state, but rather because they are considered ‘lazy’ and therefore not worthy of benefiting from all the positives of living within a capitalist society. Working class people dying from a preventable illness is seen as ‘natural’ by the capitalists, who will spend any amount of money to stop themselves from suffering the same fate.

Between 1948 and 1990, the UK had arguably the best ‘Socialist’ health system in the world. The left-leaning Labour Party that won the 1945 General Election in Britain introduced a Welfare System and National Health System as a reward to the returning working class men who had served in the British Armed Forces during WWII.This comprehensive system of cradle to the grave welfare and healthcare was very similar to that operating in the Soviet Union at the time, and was paid for in the UK through taxation (being ‘free’ at the point of use). The rightwing Margaret Thatcher – although of working class background herself and having benefited from Britain’s Socialist System – nevertheless harboured a deep-seated hatred of Socialism, and dedicated her time as Britain’s Prime Minister in an attempt to abolish the Welfare State and the NHS. The National Health Service and Community Act of 1990 was the first substantial attempt at privatising the NHS by switching the onus of its operation from ‘care’ (regardless of the cost), to being limited by ‘cost’ (regardless of the treatment needed). This switch from ‘care’ to ‘cost’ was continued by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown during the wasted years of New Labour’s tenure in power (through the notorious ‘Private finance Initiative’). What remained of the British NHS was finally privatised in 2012 by the Conservative and LibDem Coalition led by the rightwing Tory David Cameron. Today, the British NHS is crumbling and people are dying due to medical neglect and inadequate medical care, as the switch from ‘Socialist’ to ‘private’ health proceeds very slowly (as if trying to ‘hide’ the transition from an apathetic tax-paying population). As a consequence, although the British NHS used to appear in the top 10 of world health systems, it does not even make the top 20 anymore, due to its dilapidated (and dangerous) state. The failure of the Labour Party to win the 2017 General Election has condemned the British NHS to the planned Tory-led demise. In the meantime, British people are suffering to an extent not experienced since before the NHS came into being during 1948.

The European Union (EU), being the tool of US foreign policy as it undoubtedly is, insists through its working legislations, that ALL ‘Socialised’ medical and welfare Systems throughout Europe must be ‘privatised’ and subjected to the control of free market economics. The EU has its anti-Socialist ideological roots in the US generated Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan. In this regard, the US has been successful at diverting the European working class away from Socialism and toward capitalism. Although the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the anti-Socialist rhetoric of the US (and EU) continues unabated, with its targets including Communist China, Cuba and of course, North Korea. All three ‘Communist’ countries possess ‘free’ universal healthcare systems that put Western, capitalist countries to shame. It is a Socialist principle that all citizens within a Socialist State are entitled to the best quality healthcare that is available, delivered ‘free’ at the point of use. Of course, despite the inequality and the shocking state of many Western health Systems (that demand payment), virtually no criticism of these systems is evident in the Western press. Generally speaking, there is no printing of lists containing the endless names of Westerners who have died of medical neglect or the related medical incompetence. What is evident, however, is an endless stream of false propaganda aimed primarily at North Korea, which states all kinds of lies and fabrications about the DPRK’s excellent universal and free ‘Communist’ Healthcare System. So prolific is this requirement to ‘lie’, that even the World Health Organisation (which remains ‘silent’ about the poor Healthcare Systems in the West), had to alter its positive verdict on North Korea’s Healthcare System after visiting the country in 20100 – but it did this in a distinctly ‘schizophrenic’ manner. On the one-hand the WHO declared the DPRK’s Healthcare System as being the ‘envy’ of the developing world – whilst simultaneously ‘copying’ the false rhetoric of the west and illogically stating in the next breath that hospitals were crumblings and people starving, and so on!  Even the usually inaccurate and fake English language wikipedia entry dealing with North Korea’s Healthcare System had to acknowledge the bizarre nature of the WHO’s positive-negative verdict regarding North Korea!  It is clear that the WHO wrote an entirely positive report about North Korea – before being forced by the US to ‘alter’ its findings to fit-in with that country’s negative view of any and all Communist countries.

London: Save Our NHS March (4.3.2017)



Despite the British people voting for ‘Brexit’ for the UK to leave the European Union (EU), the Tory government is continuing to ‘privatise’ the NHS.  This why a protest march was arranged with people gathering between 11am – 1pm – in Tavistock Square (near Russell Square Tube Station) – and marching to Parliament Square. This political activism saw tens of thousands of people from all backgrounds, and political affiliations, come together in London today, to collectively protest the Tory plans to shut-down the Socialist NHS – which since 1948 has delivered top-notch medical treatment free at the point of use – and sell-off all its assets to private medical insurance companies, and private healthcare corporations, many based in the USA. This means that ordinary people in the UK will have to take-out ‘private’ medical healthcare insurance to pay for their treatment, but the reality is that only the already fit, young, or very rich will be granted this ‘private’ health-cover, and all those who are injured, elderly, disabled or terminally ill, will be left with no cover because the ‘private’ health insurance companies view these masses of people as being a terrible financial burden and unacceptable ‘risk’ in the business of making ‘profit’ out of other people’s misery. As matters stand, the NHS is currently funded by National Insurance Contributions (a form of tax) which is spread over the entire British population. Since the time of Margaret Thatcher, even people receiving State Benefit pay tax, as the amount they receive is reduced at source. The problem is that the New Labour government introduced the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) which saw internal markets open within the NHS, and began the process of selling-off large chunks of the NHS to private companies unaccountable to the British people. In 2012, the Tory and LibDem Coalition effectively privatised the NHS (in accordance with EU directives), and removed the last of the Socialist guidelines that had governed the NHS since its inception. It is no longer a legal requirement for a GP or a NHS hospital to ‘treat’ a patient (now termed a ‘client’), or if treated, not given appropriate treatment. This change makes it easier for private healthcare firms to ‘buy’ parts of the NHS and run them into the ground for profit. These trends must be reversed, and to do this, the UK requires a Socialist Labour Party in power. Just as Margaret Thatcher changed the onus from ‘care’ to ‘cost’, a Socialist Labour Party must abolish the exploitative concept of ‘cost’ and return the NHS to a ‘caring’ ethos. Lastly, prior to 1948, only the Soviet Union had a fully comprehensive healthcare system delivering free treatment at the point of use. The British Labour government of 1945 was not without its faults, but it did emulate the Soviet model.





There was a substantial leftwing presence on this march, including Socialists, Communists, and elements of the Labour Party (which still possesses a Marxist presence that is generally well-hidden from the public eye). Although the political purpose of this march should (and does) take precedence over any and all personal hardships that we experience getting to, or participating in the march, as a family we would like to thank the many male and female Comrades who helped us carry our daughter up the 175 steps at Russell Square Tube Station – due to over-bearing crowds alighting the tube and trying to get out via the lifts or the stairs. As one of the lifts was broken, we decided to attempt the stairs which spiralled through a narrow corridor, and which saw many able-boded people stopping for breath at various points. Our push-chair contained our young daughter Kai-Lin, and had our various bags hanging from it. At various points, very kind people took it in-turns to help lift our push-chair and climb those long and winding stairs!  Throughout the entire process, Kai-Lin stayed asleep. When we finally reached day-light, we needed a minute or two to get our breath – and dodge the parasitic Socialist Workers Party (which always attempts to hijack popular protests without actually taking part in any march).

































NHS Privatisation: Personal Data Harvesting

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When NHS patients are referred by their GPs to ‘private’ hospitals in the local area, this save the GP practice money, as there is no prescription being issued (and no expensive drugs).  The GPs are basically moving the ‘problem’ onward and away from their responsibility.  When a ‘private’ appointment is made, the NHS patient receives a ‘private’ letter from the hospital designed for the medical insurance industry.  As healthcare has been free since 1948 in the UK, many NHS patients find this experience disconcerting, as these letters suggest that a ‘charge’ is being incurred (as indeed it usually is for feeing paying patients).  However, when a private hospital is accessed by an NHS patient, the letter received states that in this instance ‘there will be no fee’.  Private hospitals (fuelled as they are by the insurance industry), are currently on a massive Public Relations exercise preparing the general public for the transition from ‘free’ to ‘paid’ health services.  As the NHS descends into a shambolic chaos (due to its governmental financial and material foundation being ‘cut’ and permanently dismantled), private hospitals are attempting to demonstrate just how ‘superior’ and ‘hassle free’ their establishments, as a means to inoculate NHS patients to the idea of ‘paying’ for healthcare.  The deception does not stop here.  When an NHS patient is confirmed as accessing a private hospital at the expense of the tax-payer, they are sent a ‘health declaration’ form that asks the volunteer to provide all their ‘confidential’ information currently retained on GP Records – or their ‘private’ appointment will be cancelled. DO NOT fill-out these forms.  The reason ‘private’ hospitals are asking for this information is because they do not, as yet, have access to GP Records, and need the patient to ‘volunteer’ it.  This ‘confidential’ medical information, once acquired by the ‘private’ hospital, is then immediately ‘shared’ with medical insurance firms that build-up a profile about each patient concerned, (without that patient’s prior knowledge or consent), which is used ‘secretly’ in ‘risk assessment’ as and when that patient opts-out of the NHS system.  Private medicine is highly exploitative of the people it serves, and gaining ‘free’ information from unsuspecting NHS patients is a serious issue.  Refuse ‘private’ appointments and insist upon ‘free’ NHS treatment.  Do not ‘give away’ your confidential information to those who do not care about you, and who will use it against your best interests.

Plans to Demolish Epsom, Queen Marys Children & St Helier Hospitals




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