Bay Care (Torquay) Not Subject to FOI Requests! (26.8.2019)

Finally, all government departments are subject to ‘Freedom of Information’ (FOI) Requests – but ‘Bay Care’ – as a private firm, is not. This is an important observation as Bay Care staff are trained to ‘write everything down’ in a notebook dedicated to each client or household they gain access to. These books are used to violate privacy and even record the names of visiters, and where everyone in the household has gone during a particular day, before returning home! Bay Care staff even collect data about individuals not subject to the ‘Care Orders’ that facilitate their entry into your homes!

Bay Care Comes A Calling – Karena Roper Has the Audacity to Ask for an Apology! (9.6.2019)

The above picture is of Ann-Marie Lambert who (amongst other things) ill-treated the family dogs – causing them to ‘fight’ whilst my mother was asleep (due to her illness). This led to ‘Honey’ being seriously injured with this woman taking the dog to the local Vets to be ‘put down’ (as if we wouldn’t notice). I was told of this madness by my distraught mother via the telephone!  Do not trust this corrupt firm, its employees rob and abuse those under its care – including pets! 

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