Threats & Intimidation from Bay Car Group (Torbay)


Mears Care Devon & Torquay

Bay Care Group





Following from my exposure (yesterday) of the deficient working practices and unprofessional behaviour of the management and staff of the ‘privatised’ firm (operating under the NHS logo), I today received two emails responding to my formal complaints. as predicted (Bay Care has ‘0’ reviews on its site), my damning review of the moribund services (which can be read at the above link) this private firm offers was not published online. The text reads:

Subject:Your review for The Bay Care Group (Review ID: 517963)

Date:Tuesday, October 30, 2018 10:59

Dear Adrian Wyles,

Thank you for submitting your review for The Bay Care Group.

Unfortunately, we are unable to publish your review as the comment does not comply with the Content Standards in our review policy on We are unable to be specific as to why, therefore, we advise that you check the content standards within our review policy before considering submitting another review.

Some examples as to why a review may be non-compliant – it is defamatory, abusive, suggests negligence, there is an investigation (past or ongoing) or it is factually incorrect.

We suggest that you refer to our complaints page on . We have also passed on your review to The Bay Care Group.

We apologise that we are unable to assist you further.

Yours Sincerely


The second email I received is far more sinister, and typical of the intimidating and condescending management style that permeates the unqualified and poorly trained staff deployed into the field of social care. The idea appears to be that of ‘bullying’ clients and their relations into ‘complying’ with tyranny and corruption. The second text reads:

Subject:recent concerns

Date:Tuesday, October 30, 2018 12:05

Dear Adrian

claim for defamation

It has been brought to my attention that you are posting inappropriate content on social media and you have also removed a “copyright” logo from our platform.

Im am saddened that you feel our service has not met expectations but am conscious that you also have not been given the full story of events and if you were aware of these then you would have a different view of the situation.

I am emailing to request that you remove all statements related to Bay care from your social media and other online websites you have posted on, if this is done immediately then I will not take this matter any further. If you fail to comply with this request then I will have no other option but to instruct our legal team to raise a claim for Defamation.

If you have a complaint about the company then this should be applied formally in writing the address below and we will respond. We have not had any formal complaint submitted to date.

Im not sure if your also aware that Bay Care have also agreed to support CW further in her new placement and have submitted this to the council?

I have submitted all documentation to the council and brokerage who also supported our recent discussions.

Please advise me of the actions you are taking.

Kind Regards

Director/ Registered Manager

Bay Care Domiciliary Care Ltd

49 Torquay Road



01803 710002

Unfortunately for Bay Care, I am not a vulnerable person under their care living in Torquay, and I do not bend to intimidation. The best way to deal with these deficient and moriband agencies is simply to a) report, and b) publish those reports online. Do not correspond or directly communicate with these businesses. Together we can economically bring these Tory-inspired privateers!


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