Torquay: Bay Care Criminality Continued (8.11.2018)


Mears Care Devon & Torquay

Bay Care Group




Bay Care (Torquay) is one of those fly by night private firms that are all too common nowadays in our NHS. Indeed, as self-serving entities making money out of our hard-earned tax revenue they lack empathy and compassion not for their ‘patients’ – but rather for their ‘clients’ – as many of the elderly disabled and vulnerable people in their care are defrauded for various amounts of cash on a regular basis. As we – the tax-paying British people – own the National Health Service – it is our duty to expose and confront this kind of social fascism that sees unqualified, inexperienced and non-Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked staff who are empowered to enter our homes and behave as if they are a) medically trained, b) experienced and c) have been vetted for a criminal record or past psychiatric and psychological conditions. This situation of unqualified and poorly motivated staff is compounded by the fact that they not formally trained to do the job they do, and are paid minimum wage (and offered letters to access food banks by Bay Care). In my time having to interface with this terrible firm, I witnessed ‘Dave’ turn-up late for work whilst drunk (as he couldn’t face the employment conditions anymore), I encountered ‘Lauren’ – the young woman covered in tattoos and self-harming scars on her arms (the latter of which were shown on occasion to vulnerable adults in her care), and ‘Ann-Marie’ – a woman on the run from relationship issues in East London (and highly manipulative of disabled adults in her care). Another young woman enjoyed regaling anyone who would listen with the story of how her best friend was ‘murdered’ a few years ago in Exeter (obviously still suffering psychological issues from this terrible event), and then there was the perpetual smoking… Lack of training meant that Bay Care staff were unable to meet the care needs of multi-disabled clients, the bed-ridden elderly, and those suffering from epilepsy and PTSD, etc. At one-time Ann-Marie and Lauren were riding an electric wheelchair up and down the hallway of the house they were supposed to be working within. When asked to stop by one of the residents – they laughed and carried-on! Bay Care is part of the private Mears Group which now controls large swathes of NHS services throughout the UK. If a ‘client’ has the courage to report the criminal activity of Bay Care – its unqualified managers inform other Mears Group subsidiaries to ‘black ball’ the unfortunate individuals concerned so that they cannot access any NHS care in the local area. Bay Care management and Mears Group management need to be arrested, charged and brought to trial for a plethora of broken laws and corrupt management policies. DO NOT USE BAY CARE OR MEARS GROUP IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE – OR THE LIFE OF YOUR RELATIVE!

45935612_2256584121083373_5596501944723046400_n (1)
Bay Care Employee ‘Ann-Marie’ Jumps Across My Mum’s Bed!
Bay Care Employee ‘Lauren’ Insulting a Disabled Client

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