Bay Care (Torquay): Sunk by Video Surveillance!


Mears Care Devon & Torquay

Bay Care Group




The privatisation of the NHS affects us all. This is why many of us have been protesting against the Tory-LibDem privatisation of the NHS in 2012, and understand that this a symptom of a much broader anti-Socialist EU pogrom against Socialism and the working class in Europe (stemming from the US and its anti-Russian policies). A recent report stated that the UK – despite being one of the richest countries in the world – contains nine of the poorest regions in Europe! Poverty breeds crime and popularity of the far-rightwing amongst the poorly educated, easily-led and cognitively deficient members of the working class. This situation exists everywhere in the rural areas of the UK – outside the major cities – and sees moronic extremist political movements such as UKIP and several other fascistic and neo-Nazi movements. Newton Abbot, Torquay and Brixham constitutes a major area of this activity, with racist working-class people leaving the UK’s multicultural cities to ‘escape’ having to live next to non-Whites – Torquay is full of this type of class enemy and their antics are as laughable as they are potentially dangerous. Unfortunately, with low pay, no required qualifications and no criminal record checks – these types of individuals are infiltrating the privatised NHS and Social Services, and are being allowed direct access to the very vulnerable people that their fascist ideology despises, demeans and attacks!

These private firms are generally administered by not very bright individuals that hide behind bureaucracy, and old-fashioned schoolyard bullying. However, we the people must defend ourselves and our vulnerable relatives from these dangerous people. I would suggest fitting video cameras in your home – as we have done in Torquay – as this is an excellent way of securing evidence of malpractice and abuse perpetuated by the ‘staff’ of these ‘privatised’ NHS businesses. We did this in Torquay and have footage of staff opening my parent’s post, entering ‘private’ rooms that were out of bounds (used by guests), removing private property from the premises, bringing unauthorised individuals into the house, mistreating the family pets, riding electric wheelchairs around the premises, making racist and derogatory comments, sharing inappropriate ‘jokes’ with managers on the ‘phone, as well as bullying my father in his wheelchair. A camera filming the carpark – recorded a female staff member ‘kicking’ the legs of a disabled person in her care who was having difficulty getting of the car! After one of my visits to Torquay (from London) I was so appalled with what I was seeing that with the agreement of my parents, I arranged for cameras to be fitted around the premises and there are many more infringements of basic law and basic care.

The amateurish and unprofessional nature of the Bay Care Management is indicated by the fact that these individuals, acting with apparently no knowledge of the law, are attempting a puerile and pointless social media campaign against my family that betrays their fascistic simplicity. One shaven-headed thug (the partner of a Bay Care Manager) stated that he was going to find out where I live! One of my US friends replied: ’Dumbass – you don’t to find out where he lives – it’s written at the top of his profile!’ Why is the Management protecting staff whose behaviour has broken the law? Two reasons stand-out. A disruption in service costs Bay Care money, and the Management is so poorly educated that it does not understand the seriousness of the trouble it is in. This business does not have long to exist as it will be shortly ‘suspended’ and then ‘closed down’. If you care about the well-being of your elderly, disabled and vulnerable relatives, please do not entrust their care with this firm.

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