The Origins of ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi Terror in the Ukraine (2013-2014)


The European Union (EU) has its historical roots within US foreign policy following the end of WWII, and America’s fabricated Cold War rhetoric and aggressive military actions aimed at Soviet Forces within Eastern Germany. The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan (together with the anti-Soviet propaganda of Winston Churchill) laid the foundations for a United States of Europe premised upon US-style free market economics and the worse kind of predatory capitalism. This process took decades to mature as the US-puppet masters sought to make the entire process of riding Europe of its Socialism as a ‘natural’ process chosen by the European people themselves, rather than for what it is – an act of US neo-imperialism. This explains why the EU has enshrined in its regulations (enforced upon all Member States) the strictures of US anti-working class and anti-Socialist foreign policy. EU Member States must abolish (through ‘privatisation’) all nationalised industries, dismantle all welfare provision, and sell-off all forms of Socialised medicine. Furthermore, EU legislation also forbids Member States from ‘reversing’ any of these cuts, or applying any Socialist policies should a leftwing government be democratically ‘elected’ into power. This is why the United Kingdom (UK) has to leave the EU for a Socialist Labour Party to be able to over-turn all these fascistic EU policies. The point of this US foreign policy was to create a capitalist utopia within Western Europe as a means to ‘resist’ the Socialism of the Soviet Union. Membership of the US neo-imperialist NATO military force is also compulsory for every EU Member State, as is the active participation in the US policy of attacking any country that chooses a different path for its citizens, other than that of US-decreed predatory capitalism.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, an independent Ukraine retained many of its Socialist institutions whilst transitioning to a capitalist economy and a (bourgeois) liberal democratic system. In the two decades that followed, the EU offered financial incentives for the Ukraine to leave the ‘Costums Union’ with Russia and join the EU (and NATO). Although various Ukrainian governments negotiated with the EU (and US behind the scenes), many were aware that should the Ukrsine join the EU the Ukrainian military would have automatically become NATO members and represent a ‘peaceful’ Western invasion of what is historically and geographically considered  ‘Russian’ territory. At the very least, NATO troops would have been positioned on the very borders of Russia proper, exposing the country to the very real danger of a US invasion. This is why on November 21st, 2013, the democratically elected Ukrinian government declared that it was suspending the signing of ‘an agreement of association’ with the EU due to security concerns raised by large swaithes of the Ukrainian population. Almost immediately (and probably orchestrated by foreign powers), small numbers of highly vocal (and violent) pro-EU demonstrators appeared shouting anti-Russian (racist) slogans in a part of Kiev known as ‘Maidan Nezalezhnosti’ (Ukrainian: Майдан Незалежності) or ‘Indepedence Square’.  This movement subsequently became known as ‘EuroMaidan’ with open protests lasting until February 23rd, 2014, with much smaller protests not ceasing until December 2nd, 2014.

During January 2014, a coup in Kiev (backed by the US, UK and EU), illegally brought the EuroMaidan regime to power (an act of sabotage referred to as a ‘Revolution’) which saw widespread uprisings and riots throughout the Ukraine by the ordinary people in oppositon to what was already understood to be a Western-backed interference in Ukraine’s democratic process and internal affairs. Crimea immediately returned to the Russian Motherland in March, whilst Lugank, Donetsk, Kharkov and Odessa declared ‘Independence’ and formed ‘Socialist’ (i.e. ‘Soviet’) Republics during April, 2014. As the EU is a fascistic political entity masquarading as a liberal club of voluntary associaton, it is interesting to note that the EuroMaidan movement from its very inception, was naturally aligned with Ukrainian neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists. When the Ukrainian population actively resisted this take-over of their country by outside forces, the EuroMaidan government unleashed their neo-Nazi militias upon the populace in scenes of violence, murder and mayhem not seen since the Nazi German invasion of the area during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). Despite the Nazi Germans killing millions throughout Ukraine during the pogroms of 1941-1943, even so their were a minority of Ukrainians who joined the Nazi Germans and continued to fight a guerilla war in Western Ukraine until as late as 1947 (an insurgency eventually crushed by the NKVD). The neo-Nazi militias of the EuroMaidan trace their historical roots to this collaboration with Nazi Germany (and its perpetuation of the Holocaust).

These neo-Nazi militias (replete with Nazi German swastikas) swept through Kharkov and Odessa using terrorism and atrocities to crush the Socialist independence movements, but were pushed back by the volunteer militias of Lugansk and Donetsk. These actions were assisted by a fragmented and disorganised Ukrainian National Army which suffered mass desertion and theft of weaponry during the anti-Socialist and anti-Russian pogroms. Many Ukrainian soldiers simply went over to the other side with batches of weaponry and ammunition. Due to the embarassment caused by the EuroMaidan militias flying Nazi German swastika flags in the West, the EuroMaidan ‘government’ attempted a damage limitation exercise which saw laws passed in 2015 which banned the public display of Nazi German swastikas and Soviet Red Flags (following the US disinformation that there is no difference between the two regimes). This was immediately followed by the EuroMaidan banning the ‘Communist Party’ (with no ban being similarly instigated against neo-Nazi groups or parties). In reality, these laws are only used in an anti-Russan sense and used to oppress Communists whilst teaching pro-Nazi Gereman history. The ban on Nazi German swastikas is not enforced, and even if it were, the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime has designed a new swastika not subject to the ban. Whatever the case, Nazi German swastikas are still seen regularly flying in Kiev. This is why resisting US neo-imperialism in the Ukraine is the duty of every Socialist and Communist, as is the recognition that in Lugansk and Donetsk the Soviet Union has been reborn! The West refers to these neo-Nazi murderers as ‘heroes’ assisting a ‘Revolution’, and this is a reactionary policy introduced by President Barak Obama.

Russian Language References:Противостояние_в_Харькове_(2013—2014)Участник:SouthWillRiseAgain/Одесская_Народная_Республика


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