Church of Almighty God Cult Anti-Communist Emblem Design


Although the Church of Almighty God Cult has its roots within modern China (probably influenced by outside counter-revolutionary forces), and since its nationwide banning for criminal activity since 1995 has been operating out of New York, nevertheless, its ideologues target mainstream Christianity in the West, and more specifically the Communist Party of China (CPC). It is designed to attract a) Chinese converts in China (and away from the benefits of progressive Socialism), and b) Chinese converts outside of China, and influence their viewpoints toward supporting the capitalist West and opposing a Socialist Asia. Although there are Western converts in this cult, the fact tha both the Catholic and Protestant Churches have severely criticised and condemned this movement tends to discourage such open support. Most Westerners are already ardent supporters of the capitalist system and do not need prompting by a disempowering cult to hate Communist China and dismiss all its material achievements and successes. However, the emblem of this cult (pictured above) features a cross, a four-pointed star, and what looks like a half-moon crescent. This seems to be a play on th well-known Communist emblem (designed by Soviet artist Yevgeny Kalzomkin in 1918), featuring a crossed hammer and sickle (which now has many different designs):


In this famous symbol that has given hope to tens of millions around the world, a sickle lies over a hammer in the original orientation featured above. Occasionally, however, this emblem is reproduced the other way around as with this example:


Although I prefer the original design, it is not unusual for various Socialist and Communist movements in the world to occasionally reproduce this symbol in its reversed fashion. The Communist Party of Britain (CPB), which although still using the traditional emblem, has even produced a dove over a hammer:


The Church of Almighty God Cult uses an emblem which although misleadingly similar to the Communist hammer and sickle, means something very different. This cult has no intention of ‘freeing’ the working class symbolised by the hammer (or the peasantry represented by the sickle), but rather exists to ‘enslave’ the entirety of humanity through the enforcement of a brutal theistic regime, governed by tyrants and administered by criminals. Its emblem suggests that th sun (four-pointed star) rises in the East and brings light to the world. When the sun sets in the West, the shining moon takes its place. There is nowhere humanity can hide that escapes the prying eyes of this cult’s ‘god’, or his vengeful messengers on Earth. This cult will enforce a belief in the cross whether humanity wants it or not, and Communism (as it exposes all theistic religion as a bourgeois sham) is decreed public enemy number one. It is not that religions are not allowed to exist within Communist States, on the contrary, religious freedom is enshrined in law, but religions (as they purportedly exist to ‘free’ humanity) are not allowed to hold political power. Even so, religions in China openly profess a support for Socialism (and the CPC), with mainstream Chinese Christians operating independent of the world Catholic and Protestant movements (due to these foreign movements supporting capitalism and anti-China racism). However, the Vatican has in recent years been conducting independent investigations into political and cultural life in China, and has issued a number of statements condemning the Falun Gong Cult and the Church of Almighty God Cult. In return, this has earned good will, and a cautious relaxing of proscriptions against the Vatican. On the other hand, the Church of Almighty God Cult, whilst presenting a similar looking emblem to that common in Socialist regimes, has no intention of freeing anyone, and every intention of enslaving everyone. Evidence suggests that the US Government (and the CIA) are behind this cult in their ongoing policy to weaken and bring down every Socialist and Communist regime in the world. Do not be deceived or confused by this duplicity.


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