My Rejection of Resistentiam.Com


About Site: Resistentiam.Com

I was invited to the internet site ‘Resistentian,Com’, by a Russian member of Facebook. The above link states how this movement is to be held together by never discussing any of the differences each supposedly ‘leftist’ movement possesses. Straightaway is clear that revisionism and lack of democracy is the order of the day. Note that despite this site claiming to represent he ‘world’, not one major Communist Pary is a member. What follows is my rejection of the invitation to this site:

‘Thank you for your interest – but I must decline your offer. I see no reason to operate outside of the ‘Communist Party’, or to establish any ‘Popular Front’ that seeks to undermine the (Marxist-Leninist) Communist Party through the inclusion of reactionary, revisionist and counter-Revolutionary elements and movements. Your rhetoric suggests that the Communist Party nolonger exists, but this is dialectically incorrect. The genuine Communist Party possesses decades of experience of how to behave and manifest in different parts of the world. If you have read my work, you will know that I oppose Trotskyism of every kind and see it as one of the major reasons why the USSR collapsed, and why Revolution never successfully occurred in the West. Genuine Marxist-Leninism cannot enter into any alliance with Trotskyism as Trotskyism seeks to over-throw and replace Lenin with Trotsky. As Trotsky spent his life attempting to undermine the Bolshevik Revolution, it logically follows that what he has to say will not assist any future Revolution due to Trotskyist ‘entryism’ and co-operation with the capitalist system.’

Adrian Chan-Wyles (PhD)

Sutton – London

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