How China Supports Donbass and Opposes Western Imperialism


Subject: ‘Social Media and Class’. These children in China are being taught how ordinary, orking class people in the West have access to all the legitimate information (through alternative media), but that many are brain-washed into mindlessly believing and following the false propaganda of their own ‘capitalist’ State Media’. This means that many working class people are actively assisting the middle class to generate false paradigms and fake history as a pretext to ‘invade’ and ‘destroy’ anyregime that does not have a Rothchilds Central Bank (i.e. ‘Russia’), or any non-White nation that prefers Socialism and rejects the exploitation inherent within capitalism. However, the chikdren are taught, all is not lost, as a great many Western working class do understand the reality of the situation and would probably protest (to various degrees) if the US, UK or EU mobilised unjustly for war against nations that have done nothing wrong, other than exercise lawful self-determination. At this present time, this includes the two smal Socialist Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk (in Donbass, Eastern Ukriane), North Korea, Cuba, and of course, Iran and Syria. The People’s Republic of China supports the lawful and legal Rights of ALL Peoples around the world to pursue their own self-determination, and to reject capitalism if that is the will of the people concerned. If the middle classes want to pursue the pointless path of expoitative and environmntally destructive capitalism – that is their right – but such despicable regimes and States must not resort to physical violence or threaten those who do not want to live this way. Spare a thought for the 10,000 people who have died in Donbass since the 14.4.2014 (four years ago today) – killed by the Western-backed neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime of Western Ukraine. Chinese children are taught how lucky they are to live in a ‘Socialist’ country that is triving to retain World Peace, whilst possessing the means to scientifically defend itself in a manner the capitalist war-mongers cannot understand or comprehend.

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