Proud to Vote Red!


Marx and Engels, as well as Lenin, all stated that wherever liberal democracy existed, (and it did not exist everywhere in the 19th century), and wherever Workers were allowed to participate in the voting process by the bourgeois class that oppressed them, then Workers should use their vote in a Revolutionary manner, as part of the general process to usher in a Proletariat Revolution! Why note vote? After-all, just as long as the Bourgeois State uses its power to keep keep ordinary people oppressed and imprisoned in a world of psychological and physical inequality, voting is a means through which who controls the State can be peacefully and lawfully changed. Workers who do not vote are deliberately falling into the bourgeois trap of abandoning the political field to their political enemies. The Bourgeois State prefers that masses of Workers live in isolated squalor, with no intellectual or material means to unite, organise and over-throw the powers of stifling conservatism. Although the Trotskyites will try and brain-wash the workers into not voting (after-all, the Trotskyites actually co-operate with the capitalist system and betray the Workers whilst pretending to represent their best interests), the simple fact remains that voting is ‘free’ and available to every single citizen. The Bourgeois State (and its political representatives) will try every trick in the book to keep the Working Class oppressed and in a sub-ordinate possession within society. The Workers must resist this pressure in a manner that is dialectically applicable for the contemporary historical epoch. In other words, different societies will possess different socio-economic, cultural and historical conditions, that will necessitate different modes of protest and resistance. In the UK, which is very rich after decades of imperialist exploitation of the world, and in the centuries following the English Civil War, has developed a very advanced capitalist economy, and has extended the right to vote to all citizens over the age of 18 (barring one or two exclusions). The point is that if all Working Class people registered to vote – and then voted ‘Labour’ – the Tory Party would never again rule the country – how could it, when it only represents the interests of a privileged few? Not only this, but such a voter turn-out would ensure that Labour only followed Socialist principles and Working Class values.

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