The Cost of Labour’s Failure

Hospitals continue to close, benefits continue to disappear, food-banks continue to expand, homelessness increases, death due to inadequate NHS treatment continue to increase, religious bigotry continues to dominate, vulnerable people continue to suffer, and people living in dilapidated Council buildings continue die, and so on, and so forth.

Why Many Muslims Will Vote for Jeremy Corbyn

In fact, when I explained that we were Socialist (i.e. ‘Communists’), we were treated with the utmost respect, and told that Islam is a very Socialistic religion – and that Muslims always respect those who support Islam – even if those people are not Muslim! We marched to make a statement to the broader community – condemning racism and advocating multiculturalism and tolerance. 

The Problem with Zionist Archaeology

It is not a manual premised upon the gathering of ‘objective’ historical fact, and is entirely deficient in this task, and yet on educational programmes broadcast all over the media and internet, one Zionist ‘miracle’ after another is presented to an unquestioning audience, designed to justify Zionist Israel’s murder, maiming and rape of the Palestinian people since 1947. The false conclusion the racist Zionists make, is that everything is okay – because ‘Israel’ has always been here!