How Xu Xiaodong (徐晓冬) Encouraged Western racism

Xu Xiaodong and his childish antics have been greeted with loud applause amongst the predominantly young White males that dominate the MMA sport, appearing to confirm in their ignorant minds, that all their racial prejudices held against China are real and substantiated. What they do not tell you is that whenever a Western MMA fighter picks a fight in China, he is always beaten without fail, and there has never been a Westerner ever prevail in a fight in that country.  

On Why the Scottish Celts Abandoned Labour

It must also be remembered that the Scottish Welfare System is still funded from Westminster, out of the pockets of the British tax-payer, despite the Scots acting as if they are financially independent. The fact remains that without ‘English’ tax-payers, the Scots could not afford their own Welfare bill.