Over-Come Racism with Logic and Reason!


I am not a Muslim, but I did spend an extended time (over a year), living with a disparate group of young British Muslims during the 1990’s, whilst in higher education. These people were decent, clean, law-abiding, compassionate, and caring toward me. Although I did not ask for anything, nevertheless, they fed me for free, and made sure all my needs were taken care of. I was not once asked to go to the local mosque (in fact, to this day I have no idea where that local mosque was), I was not ‘radicalised’ in anyway, and no demands of anykind were made of me. When taken to Indian restaurants, I was never asked to pay a penny and my money was always refused. When taken to their homes (in London), I was welcomed and treated with the utmost respect. When I asked why all this was happening, I was told it was the demanded ‘way’ of Muslim of hospitality, as conveyed through the Holy Qur’an, and that it was their religious duty.

Whatever happens in life, be it personal or public, the best possible course is the use of logic and reason, because such reasoning, if performed impartially, benefits everyone involved. For instance, what the Western media does not tell you, is that 90% of the victims of Islamo-fascist groups are in fact other Muslims that do not agree with this rightwing ideology or terrorist actions. The West does not want you to know this, because if you did, you might not be so quick to condemn ordinary, peace-loving Muslims who live around you.

The US created Islamo-fascism to confront the USSR in Afghanistan – but now it has grown into a worldwide phenomenon that carries-out attacks on everyone accept Israel! One of President Obama’s last acts whilst in Office was to ‘gift’ billions of dollars of military equipment to ISIS! All this lying can be over-come if the mind is detached from the propaganda, and the higher capacities for reasoning engaged. Onething is for sure – racism will not solve this issue and neither will Western imperialist actions abroad.

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