C0-Op Bank – Lurching to the Right


As far as I am concerned, the Western banking system (and all banks within it) are thoroughly bourgeois and supportive of cut-throat capitalism. In fact, such financial institutions are the quintessential essence of this brutal and self-serving capitalist mode of class exploitation, and this is doubly so for the so-called ‘Co-Operative Bank’ that claims to have its roots within 19th century ‘Socialist’ (i.e. ‘Unionist’) movements of the workers. Today, I am hearing one story after another, emanating from various leftwing sources, that state a number of leftwing groups (such as those dealing with Palestinian rights, Cuban revolutionary freedom, and the study of great Soviet leaders), have come under such concerted and aggressive attacks from the ‘Co-Op Bank’, that decades old accounts have had be closed, and ‘new’ banking avenues sought after. The Co-Op idea did not have its roots in the Scientific Socialism of Marx and Engels, but rather in the ‘Utopian’ (and religiously based) Socialism that generally supported the bourgeois status quo (mirroring Trotskyism), and which had no intention of supporting Marxist-led revolution. This is why those groups being attacked by the Co-Op Bank today, are inherently linked to Marxist-Leninist movements, and by implication, to Russia. It is clear that the Co-Op Bank is following the anti-Russian dictates of the Tory government, which in turn is being directed by the US and EU. All leftists should withdraw their money from the Co-Op Bank and destroy it legally from within! After-all, the Co-Op Bank has been complicit in the destruction of the British economy (as part of the greedy bankers system), and has remained ‘quiet’ about the injustices of banker-led ‘Austerity’ against the people. The greedy banks are bailed-out whilst the ordinary people are made to suffer for their incompetence.

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