Facebook Corruption


For quite sometime. I resisted joining Facebook because I was opposed to its ‘mining’ of my personal information without my permission, but as more and more of my friends joined, I decided to follow. However, as Facebook steals our personal information and sells it to ‘unknown’ businesses and corporations without our prior knowledge or consent, I decided to use a different tact. Instead of spending all my time trying to out-manoeuvre Facebook technology (which is deliberately designed to be ‘hidden’ from those directly subject to it), I decided to use this ‘hidden’ route for my own advantage as a means to bring-down the capitalist system that is Facebook, and post leftwing political ideology far and wide. In this manner, Facebook would have to ‘sell’ my information, but the information I am giving it is of no use, at least in the conventional sense. Capitalist industry does not want to ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ Socialist ideology that a) exposes its corruption, and b) provides the cognitive and physical means to bring-down the oppressive capitalist system. This is using the data-mining strategy of Facebook in a tactical manner that undermines Facebook greed and corruption. Of course, Facebook has countered this move by applying the policing of ‘ghosting’, whereby selected accounts and posts are ‘blocked’ from being spread throughout the Facebook industrial complex, without the owner of the account knowing directly what has happened, although it can be ascertained through the fact that accounts that are popular suddenly have posts that nobody ‘likes’. The posts remain ‘isolated’ and no one else is allowed to see them. The problem Facebook has is that ‘ghosting’ is time-consuming, expensive, and ultimately runs counter to the logic of capitalism (which always seeks expanding markets). Ghosting may be added to the Facebook policy that is ‘anti-left’, and ‘anti-Animal Rights’, as a broad attempt to keep Facebook members generally supportive of the rightwing, fascism, Zionism and racism. The point is to make the information I share on Facebook so toxic to capitalism that Facebook finds it very difficult to ‘share’ it in such a manner that makes them the usual ‘behind the scenes’ profit. Facebook used to share information far and wide (as that was its initial purpose and function), before it became so popular that it was ready for Mark Zuckerberg to ‘monetise’ Facebook and start charging for its services behind the scenes. I would suggest you use the Facebook capitalist policy of covertly ‘selling’ your personal data for Zuckerberg’s profit, and spread leftwing political ideology (which acts like a virus in the bloodstream of greed).

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