The Problem with Biblical Giants


Much of pseudo-science is premised not on ‘science’, but on ‘theology’, and is an attempt to usurp the current age of scientific reason. Pseudo-science a priori assumes that the bible’s narrative is literally correct, and seeks to draw all the apparent ‘facts’ revealed by modern science, into a realm subsumed by theistic thinking. Evolution is either false (and from the ‘devil’), or ‘real’, but not as modern scientists contend (as being a product of accidental natural selection). In the latter sense, evolution is a product of god’s will, and scientists have got it all wrong – the earth has evolved, but is only 6000 years old, and early humans lived alongside dinosaurs. Even from this short list of comparisons, the reader can gain the two different directions in which the human mind is being used. Theology is an imagination arranged in an illogical order, that is taken by its adherents to be a ‘higher’ logic, or divine wisdom that ordinary human beings simply cannot understand (as their resisting mind is clouded by the ‘devil’). Rational science, on the other hand, objectively ‘measures’ the material world, and with that knowledge seeks to make life better here and now for humanity, and not in somekind of ‘imagined’ paradise at sometime in the future.

Recently, I have noticed an increase in taking seriously, claims that purport to state that within modern archaeology, a species of ‘giant’ human beings has been ‘dug-up’ around the world, being notably prominent in 19th century USA. Quite often these claims are accompanied by no evidence, or poor quality photographs that could be anything (in the modern era, there is obvious CGI hoax pictures doing the rounds). The usual narrative is that these finds ‘prove’ the bible to be literally ‘correct’, and that the ‘giants’ mentioned in that religious text are physically ‘real’. When asked where the bones are today, the answer is always that they have gone ‘missing’, or that mainstream academia has deliberately ‘hidden’ this ‘truth’ because it undermines the rational (secular) reality of science. If modern science is ‘wrong’ about biblical giants, then what else is it wrong about? The apparent existence of biblical giants would begin the collapse of the premise of modern science, with the demise of reason and the re-establishment of the dominance of imagination (and ignorance) over the mind of humanity.

Within the modern human species, genetic variation allows for adult people to be any height from 4 feet (or less) to 7 feet (or more). This is because modern humans are evolutionarily adapted to the environment within which they live. Human culture has evolved around catering for the ‘average’ height (or length of leg), and ‘average’ reach (or length of arm), and people who are very short or very tall have issues living within a cultural setting that more or less ignores their very real needs (the same can be said for people possessing all kinds of disability, as they live in a world defined by ‘average’ ability).  Of course, a civilised society makes allowances for these differences, and extends help or assistance to those that need it, whereas an uncivilised society punishes those that stand-out from the ‘average’ crowd. The point is that there is a tremendous diversity of height even within modern humans, but in the past there has been different early human species that were as short as 3.5 feet tall (Homo Floresiensis), and as tall as six feet (Homo Erectus), with each being perfectly adapted to its environment, and with a variance of height diverging from the ‘average’ applicable to a species. A 3.5 foot person might well find a 4.5 foot person to be a giant, or a 6 foot person might find a 7 foot person a giant, etc, and so ‘giantness’ is all a matter of perspective, and not in and of itself a specific ‘issue’ relating to a distinct ethnic group. Giants – that is a type of human that is on average 9 foot tall – could not logically existed in our environment simply because this evolutionary environment does not provide the conditions to make the human species 9 foot tall on average. Such an adaptation would be an evolutionary disadvantage to the human species existing in the natural environment, and would probably lead to its extinction. The biblical notions of giants are counter-scientific and attempt to replace evolutionary science with illogical theology. Giants of excessive height forming a distinct species as the norm, is illogical and unscientific, and therefore could not have existed.  This can be doubly asserted as correct by stating that if ‘giants’ a) existed, and b) were better adapted to their environment, than modern humans would die-out over-time for being maladapted, but then I am working from the very science that religionists reject.  It is not that exceptionally tall (or short) people exist (they undoubtedly do), but rather that a separate species of unnaturally ‘giant’ humans inspired by an ‘imagined’ religious text do not, and have never existed on the physical real. If they have ever existed, then provide the physical evidence for scientific scrutiny.

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