Nazification of the West


Dedicated to the Noble Proletariat – You Will Be Free From Fascism!

Whether we like it or not, the monolith that is the USA is exercising its hegemony not only throughout the world, but also throughout Europe.  If you take a moment to look around, you will see that it is US culture that is permeating Europe, and not the (far older) European culture that is permeating the United States.  The US rose to prominence (from its isolatory stance) following WWII, and it was US money used in Europe during its post-war reconstruction.  This simple fact has ‘bought’ the US political power and influence in Europe, and has allowed European self-determination to be severely curtailed through the development of the European Union (EU).  The EU has been around (in one guise or another) from at least 1950.  Its basic premise has always been the de-Socialisation of Europe, to be replaced by the implementation of US-style ‘capitalist’ free market economics.  This is why the EU Project started slowly as in its initial stages, as it mimicked the structure of the very ‘unions’ it ultimately sought to over-throw.  It had to pursue this policy because the majority of European sovereign states operated left of centre, liberal democratic political regimes, that allowed and encouraged the workers to collectively bargain for their rights through the institute of ‘unions’.  More than this, however, but after the devastation wrought on Europe by the invading armies of Nazi Germany, the European people thoroughly rejected any form of rightwingism.  (This attitude was strengthened by the shocking images of the holocaust after the war).

The US domination of Europe involved the slow appropriation of political power from the European sovereign states, into a political entity that appeared to be on the one hand ‘European’, whilst on the other ‘free’ of any direct connection to any single European country.  The US pursued this strategy as a foreign policy in its attempt to diminish the leftwing, worker-friendly Communism of its former ally in WWII – the Soviet Union – which shared borders with many European countries.  The US post-WWII policy focused upon the natural ‘leftwingism’ of the European peoples, and how it was perceived as a ‘threat’ to the continued existence of US capitalism.  The US power-brokers believed that if something was not done about ‘leftwing’ Europe, there was every chance that the influence of the Soviet Union might spread, and Europe would voluntarily become a member of the Soviet Bloc – thus expelling US capitalism and rightwing political influence from the European mainland.  To combat this perceived threat, the US created the myth of the ‘Cold War’ which was tasked with making a peaceful Soviet Union seem ‘threatening’ to the workers of the West (including Europe and the US).  The point of this representation was to create in the Western mind, a thoroughly ‘toxic’ impression of the history and motivation of the Soviet Union, so that Western workers viewed it as an ‘enemy’ and not an ‘ally’ in the quest for international worker’s rights.  This simultaneously required the internal political structures of the USA turning ever further to the right, so that the working class of the US had no recourse to political power or ability to influence change in the country.  A major plank of this strategy has been the wide-spread utilisation of ‘racism’ against the powerless non-white sections of US society, in an attempt to keep what has been perceived as ‘an enemy within’ (i.e. non-white, non-Christian, etc) being kept firmly in its place.  This has taken place at exactly the same time as the white working class being persecuted to a level hitherto unseen in US history.  The minority that is the ‘ruling elite’ in the US retains its power by re-inventing news forms of racism to oppress the non-white people (that are distinct from those already outlawed), which includes a form of ‘judicial’ terrorism that is equally used against the white working class. This fascistic policy is perpetuated within the US by the agencies of US law enforcement which are more or less exempt from any punishment for the crimes they inflict. As the US political system endorses this rightwing policy, the officers that ‘break’ the spirit of the law to carry it out, are viewed as ‘heroes’ of the establishment, rather than as the ‘criminals’ they actually are.  This is how the ordinary people of the USA are suffering.

The US domination of the EU intensified in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s to coincide with the activities of its intelligence agencies working to bring-down Communist China and the USSR.  With the collapse of the USSR, the Communist resistance to US capitalism was removed and the US steamed ahead to establish its capitalist, rightwing hegemony in the former Communist countries in Eastern Europe.  Modern, capitalist Russia was re-invented as a ‘new’ threat – not to ‘capitalism’ – but to ‘liberal democracy’ and ‘self-determination’ (despite it now being a ‘liberal democracy’).  The US led the EU into accelerating its policy for creating a US-dominated ‘fortress’ in Europe which has seen ‘austerity’ as its latest excuse for attacking the ordinary peoples of Europe – making their lives a misery so that the welfare of a few millionaires can be maintained without hindrance.  All constituent national governments of the EU have been forced (via EU Directives that arise in Washington) to inflict the most terrible of draconian measures upon their own peoples, even if those people disagree or protest.  The EU exists only to enforce rightwing US foreign policy, and despite a veneer of ‘democratic accountability’, in reality the ordinary people of Europe are forced only to ‘conform’ to EU Directives (just as was the case of the German people living under Hitler).  The US (via the EU) has been encouraging, financing and arming neo-Nazi Movements in the Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania – all countries that border modern Russia – and all that were ‘Communist’ for a time.  This EU backed neo-Nazi encirclement of Russia appears to be a US attempt of starting a ‘new’ war between modern Russia and the repugnant forces of neo-Nazism, and this policy is being presented to a rightwing Europe under EU domination, as a matter of Russian degradation being righteously opposed by the forces of neo-Nazi freedom. Since when has ‘neo-Nazism’ been re-defined as ‘freedom fighting’? The fact that neo-Nazism can be viewed in Europe as ‘correct’ demonstrates just how brain-washed modern EU citizens are, and the fact that this has occurred under US-EU policy in just over 60 years.  It is astonishing to think that our small island stood alone against Nazi Germany from 1939-1941 – when many in the US thought that we should just make peace with Hitler and be done with it.  The USSR joined the war on our side in 1941 (before the US) and became our staunchest of allies against the forces of fascism – sustaining between 27 – 40 million casualties in the process.  I personally apologise to the Russian people for what the US and EU has done to them from 1945 to the present.  The subsequent ‘Nazification’ of Europe since 1945 by the US and EU really is a disgusting thing for all correct-minded people.



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