The Red Lizard

I enjoy the manner in which David Icke speaks because it has the quality of ‘freedom’ for the listener on many levels.  I also support his right to think freely and express that freedom as he sees fit.  What he says is designed as a radical counter-narrative to the established paradigm that operates within mainstream society.  In every way he operates from a lucid mind-set that suggests a progressive, (and dare I suggest) a leftwing political stance that is constantly attacking fascism (which he defines as the instruments of government and big business colluding to force the people to conform to their self-serving agendas).  In the recent EU Referendum in the UK, David Icke supported the ‘out’ campaign – as did the Communist left and a minority of British unions in the UK.  Of course, this does not make David Icke a Communist, and a number of his previous statements would suggest that his opinion of Soviet Communism (and Communism in general) is that of the mainstream bourgeoisie.  In the above video, David Icke relays a bizarre story about the ‘Communist Party’ at Oxford University.  He states that the Communist Party has two branches – a political and biological section – this is pure fiction.  Having attended numerous progressive meetings, marches and demonstrations, I can state that the Communist Party pursues the cause of Scientific Socialism as espoused through Marxist-Leninism, and that its primary aim is to ‘liberate’ the workers.  It is difficult to assess just exactly what David Icke is talking about here, is it a debating group at Oxford, or a meeting of the local Communist Party branch?  Whatever the case, meetings of the nature suggested are open to the general public and anyone can attend – as would be expected from a grass-roots organisation.  There is no ‘biological’ branch of the Communist Party and this sounds suspiciously ‘fascist’ in nature – again another example of how David Icke follows the bourgeois habit of conflating the Communist Movement with that of fascism (as if the two are the same, but I will come back to this point).  He then continues to describe the rightwing ‘Blairites’ of the Labour Party as ‘Communists’ apparently unaware that the Labour Party proscribes Communists from joining.  The idea that serving Communists would join the Conservative Party is probably the oddest thing Mr Icke has ever said, although, of course, ex-Communists (who have rejected Scientific Socialism) have migrated into the Labour Party – Gordon Brown in one notable example, (he is not alone), but I know of no Communists that have joined the rightwing Tory Party.  On another occasion, David Icke stated that fascism, Communism and South African Apartheid are all examples of totalitarian governments that the people rose-up against and over-threw.  Again, this is pure bourgeois ideology being espoused by Mr Icke.  Although he continuously reacts against the bourgeois establishment, and despite the mind-altering nature of his discourse, Mr Icke remains firmly rooted in the privileged narrative of the white bourgeoisie.  He does not understand that fascism and apartheid are manifestations of capitalism (and he misses the salient point that South Africa was a liberal democracy), and does not recognise that Communism is the antithesis of capitalism.  Furthermore, by exercising the run of the mill bourgeois conflation of Communism with fascism, Mr Icke ignores the fact that it was the anti-capitalist ideology of the Soviet Union that powered its immense and highly destructive battle against German Nazi ‘capitalism’ during WWII, which cost the lives of at least 27 million Soviet men, women and children.  It was the Nazi Germans that killed these Soviet people in the name of imperialist greed.  The Soviet people did not rise-up and other-throw their government simply because those who lived in the Soviet Union were already ‘free’ of capitalist oppression.  The USSR was eventually brought-down not by its people, but by the power of capitalism – exactly the same capitalism which when in decline becomes fascism.  David Icke is very welcome to his lizard theories and conspiracy theories of dark forces moving behind the scenes, as there may well be elements of truth in what he says, but it would be better for his general approach if he threw-off the bourgeois mentality.

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