When Britain Ethnically Cleansed Its Chinese Populations

Racism from the Tory Party was an important ingredient for their political campaigns for London Mayor (Zach Goldsmith’s Islamophobia) and the recent EU Referendum for the UK (which saw Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage united through racial hysteria).  Indeed, the Tory Party is the natural party of choice for mainstream British racists, and when these ignorant individuals feel that the Tory Party is not doing enough to represent that racism, they migrate to the far-right off-shoots of the Tory Party – namely UKIP, BNP, NF and Britain First, etc.  So biased is the British political system at this present time, that an activist of the Christian-Nazi Britain First movement can murder a Labour MP – and the fascist organisation that spawned him (Britain First) continues to functions normally today (presumably creating more rightwing murderers).  The treatment of Britain First maybe compared to peaceful British Muslims groups that were ‘banned’ by David Cameron for stating that they thought the wars in the Middle East are wrong.  There is no doubt that British racism played its part in the recent Brexit ‘out’ vote, although I do not personally think it was a deciding factor.  Nevertheless, it would be wrong to all the victims of British racism – past and present – to deny that there is no racism in the UK.

I fully acknowledge that many ‘white’ British people are opposed to racism, and fight and resist it in their own ways (that are often unacknowledged).  This resistance to tyranny is the foundation of the true British people, and I believe, the essence of Brexit.  However, it is important to understand the past so that it is not repeated through ignorance.  According to police reports, racial hate crime was up by 57% following the Brexit vote – with apparently Polish people taking the brunt – although it is probably correct to state that ALL perceived foreigners in the UK (which includes British-born Black, Asian and Chinese people) have suffered increased racialised aggression.  A point missed by the UK media is that Polish people (who should be left in peace) are ‘white’, and that consequently, the hatred aimed at them by other white people is ‘prejudice’ and not ‘racism’.  True racism is aimed by white people (who possess all the power) at Black, Asian and Chinese people who do not.  Polish people may well be from another country, but their European ethnicity is the same as the ‘White’ ethnicity that culturally dominates the UK – albeit in its distinct British form.  I condemn any and all crimes against Polish people, but do not believe that they are the victims of post-Brexit  ‘racism’ in the manner that Black, Asian and Chinese people in the UK are (a subject the British media is quiet about).  To the British media it seems that hate-filled prejudice is only reportable if white people are suffering it.

After the British victories of WWI and WWII, the British government, aided and abetted by the rightwing press, encouraged a highly toxic racist and xenophobic attitude in the UK that called for the expulsion of all ‘foreigners’ from British soil.  This attitude of hate-filled ‘confidence’ was used to bind the country together and used non-white people as the scapegoat.  In 1919, the British government was concerned that the British working class would rise-up (like the Russians) and create a Socialist State in the UK (despite the fact that the UK invaded Russia n 1918 in an attempt to crush the successful Bolsheviks).  Thousands of Chinese people had fought alongside the British Army in France during WWI and many had settled in the UK.  However, n 1919, the British government sent the British Army into Liverpool and rounded-up 20,000 Chinese people at bayonet-point – to the general applause of the white British population.  These people were placed on boats and forcibly ‘returned’ to China.  This is why the population of Chinese people dropped to a few hundred.  Following the victory of WWI, the British government used the agency of ‘racism’ to divert the British working class from revolution.  Many people will be surprised to learn that the Labour Party of 1945 also rounded-up Chinese men from the streets of London in 1946 and forcibly returned them to China – breaking-up families, with those who remained never knowing what happened to their relatives.  English women who had married Chinese men were warned by the police and social services that they were sexually deviant, and that their ‘mixed’ children should be taken into care (as many were).  The descendants of those who suffered this ethnic cleansing in 1946 still live in the UK today, with their story being revealed by the BBC journalist George Alagiah in his documentary entitled ‘Mixed Britannia’.





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