How the BBC Fabricated the 1989 Myth of ‘Tiananmen Square’


Author’s Note: I have personally met many Chinese people who were at Tiananmen Square in 1989 – and all state that the Western version of events was a ‘lie’ – and that the students were out in ‘support’ of their Communist Government and against Western media reports to the contrary. In 2011, the Wikileaks event proved that no ‘massacre’ occurred in Tiananmen – but that the BBC and US Intelligence conspired to ‘fabricate’ the entire story as a means to bring down Communist China. Even today, despite the Wikileaks exposure of Western lies, many UK media out-lets continue to perpetuate the lie.  This in includes the Trotskyite ‘Socialist’ distortion, and those leftist elements in the West infected with Eurocentric racism, who traitorously assist the bourgeoisie in its attempt to bring down Communist China, and demonise the Chinese diaspora.  At the time of Tienanmen in 1989, many members of my Chinese family in the UK suffered racial abuse from Black, White and Asian people as they went to school or work. All this suffering was based upon a BBC-generated racist lie that has now been exposed. Things must be bad in the racist camp when the odious Daily Telegraph (that usually does so much damage to the Chinese community through its racism), actually prints an article ‘confirming’ that the BBC ‘lied’ in 1989! ACW 4.6.2016

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is paid for by a national licensing fee that is legally enforced upon the British people, regardless of their ability to pay.  The BBC is a middle class institute that gathers the majority of its income from the British working class.  However, its ethos, of course, is entirely ‘middle class’, with a condescending attitude toward the working class that is forced to finance its essentially bourgeois, capitalist and pro-monarchy stance.  In this sense, the BBC is ideologically unable to be ‘impartial’ because it fundamentally rejects working class issues and concerns, and continuously manifests an a priori anti-leftist political rhetoric that prevents the working class from pursuing its own class interests (by not providing positive political educational programmes about Scientific Socialism, Utopian Socialism, Anarchism, Animal Rights and other generally progressive causes), but instead encourages the mass adoption of rightwing and far-rightwing political agendas associated with race-hate, fascism and neo-Nazism.  The BBC has pursued this exclusively middle class agenda since its inception in 1922, but its ability to present the other side of the argument has varied throughout its history.  This is because the BBC is government controlled, and each government has had a different plan for the indoctrination of the British workers.  However, even when offering alternative viewpoints, the BBC has continuously carried-out this policy from its middle class ideological basis, more in an attempt to convince the working class that its own class interests should remain subordinate to those of the middle class (who already control everything in society).  This is why the BBC has continuously misused its national funding premise to perpetuate not only an ideologically middle class view of the world, but also to misrepresent current events and history in pursuit of that ideal.  It is doubtful, therefore, that the United States of America (USA) could have established its false ahistorical view of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, or the demonization of Communist China in Europe, without the complicity of the BBC and its ability to broadcast inaccurate and deficient anti-Communist propaganda throughout Europe (and the world).

In the late 1980’s, the US and British Intelligent Services actively conspired in the bringing down of Soviet Russia, and attempted to bring down Communist China.  With the assistance of the BBC, the Soviet Union was brought to its knees and eventually collapsed, thus ending the existence of the world’s first Workers’ State.  In China, during May and June 1989, thousands of students gathered in Beijing to peacefully support the Chinese Communist government, showing their approval of the recent reforms under the then leader Deng Xiao Ping.  The 1980’s was a great time for the Chinese people, as the Communist reforms of 1949 started to deliver nation-wide benefits for all the people.  This was a considerable achievement under Communist Rule that succeeded in transforming the quality of life of China’s huge population across its geographical landmass in just under 40 years!  China was beginning to economically peak as the capitalist West continued to suffer under the boom and bust reality of its highly exploitative and derisive economic system.  Obviously, for both the US and the UK (which were both suffering under the auspices of their respective politically rightwing leaders and regimes), the victory of Communism in China was proving a bitter pill to swallow.  Whereas the US and UK had managed to manipulate the Trotskyite traitor Mikhail Gorbachev into quite literally legislating the USSR out of existence (in 1991), the same Western forces, encumbered as they are by their historical anti-Chinese racism, were unable to directly effect the mechanism of the Communist Chinese government.  Whereas the American CIA had orchestrated the ‘myth’ that a) Tibetan was a sovereign State, and b) China had ‘invaded’ it in 1959, thirty years on, the BBC was tasked with creating yet another ‘false flag’ operation across the Western media in an attempt to unleash another wave of anti-Chinese racism and anti-Communist rhetoric.  With the assistance of such BBC reporters as Kate Adie and John Simpson (amongst many others), the illusion was created in the Western world that a tragedy had unfolded in China due to disaffected students protesting against the Chinese government and the Communism it pursued.  At no time were Westerners able to access the Chinese Mainland media to see the extent to which the BBC was lying.  This is an important observation, because today, with the advent of the internet, which allows for more or less immediate live coverage of important international events from differing media sources, the scale of the deception perpetuated by the BBC throughout the Western world regarding the fallacious ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’, could not be easily repeated today.  This does not mean that the BBC has ceased to ‘lie’ as a media institute, far from it, since 2010 (and the election of the rightwing Tory and then LibDem Coalition), the BBC has abandoned all pretensions of impartiality, and instead has ruthlessly pursued the rightwing Tory agenda that has seen the deaths of thousands of Disabled people (and others) throughout the UK, due to the dismantling of the Welfare and National Health Systems.  In other words, the BBC has led the media assault on the British workers who collectively pay the majority of the BBC’s financial income.  Today, when hundreds of thousands of British protesters take to the streets in peaceful demonstrations against the current rightwing British government, the BBC manipulates the media by refusing to cover the events, and ignoring the concerns of those who are legally forced to pay for the BBC through the compulsory licensing system.

In 2011, the rightwing (and generally racist) Daily Telegraph newspaper in the UK (that often gives voice to anti-Chinese racism), published a story drawn from Wikileaks, that presented diplomatic cables sent from the US Embassy in Beijing confirming what the Chinese Communist government had stated all along, that ‘no one’ was killed in Tiananmen Square, and that consequently no ‘massacre’ occurred.  Again, this is another pivotal point that exposes the BBC’s lies that ‘thousands’ were killed in the square, and that these events were witnessed by BBC reporters.  Although the racist Daily Telegraph cannot generally be taken seriously when reporting non-European news, and certainly not when discussing China from its default ‘racist’ position, nevertheless, it is significant that such a bastion for white privilege should take this remarkable step of revealing a major BBC news story to be a ‘myth’.  Even if the credentials of the racist Daily Telegraph are quite rightly to be questioned in regard to this matter, the original material of Wikileaks is the deciding (and confirming) factor.  Why has the British rightwing press been allowed to expose a major US and UK Cold War lie in this manner?  It is probably due to the fact that Communist China did not collapse in 1989, but has in fact continued to blossom through its Communist policies to such a degree that it is now emerging on the world stage as one of the planet’s truly great economic and cultural power-houses history has ever seen. China has achieved this economic miracle by lifting more people out of poverty than any other regime in the history of humanity.  Chinese Communism is paying dividends when it is obvious that the capitalist world is struggling to maintain the privileged lifestyles of the few and the denigration of the masses in its unequal system of exploitation, when it ruthlessly controls all the media, educational establishes, and resources, etc.  As Chinese Cosmonauts now train to go to Mars, and Chinese military technology ascends that of the West, it could well be that the capitalist powers that be know when they are in ideological trouble.  In the meantime, the BBC, as part of the bourgeois media system, will continue in its mission to disinform the British working class, and prevent it from uniting in the name of its own class interests.  The British working class should unite together and initiate its own Communist Revolution so the British people can share in the success of Scientific Socialism, and transform the BBC into the ‘Peoples’ Broadcasting Corporation’ (PBC), apologise to the peoples of Russia and China, and work for the positive establishment of Socialism throughout the world!

As things stand, the mainstream Western media continues to perpetuate the BBC manufactured lie of the mythic ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’.  This also continues in Chinese language propaganda texts emanating from the United States and its colonial presence in Taiwan (and elsewhere throughout the Western-controlled Chinese diaspora).  This anti-China literature has as its focal point the US created Pro-Tibetan Movement, the Falun Gong Movement, and the Epoch Times – all apologists for white racism and capitalist greed.  Just as the BBC seeks to influence the British working class away from pursuing its own class interests (and establishing Socialism in the UK), the Epoch Times seeks to prevent ordinary Chinese members of the working class from uniting with, and fully supporting Communist China.  In this task, any and all false means are used to ensure that a thoroughly ‘false’ image is perpetuated throughout the Chinese population outside of China.  This presents the warped notion that white racist capitalism is in the best interests of the non-white victims of that racism.  Chinese people throughout the world should throw-off the shackles of Western, racist domination, and fully support Mainland China in the West.  Such a move would assist the European working class in the establishment of its own Socialist Revolution throughout Europe and the USA.  This would assign capitalism to the dustbin of history, where it most certainly belongs, as it must never be forgotten that the fundamental inequalities of capitalism kills people through neglect, poverty, starvation, murder, accident, war, rape, child abuse, misogyny, racism, and religious bigotry every single moment, of every single day, without cessation.  This is because the privileged few within capitalist society retain their position through the brutal control of resources, the majority of which they retain for their own use.   Capitalism is the ‘true’ ongoing massacre of the working class, and the only ‘cover-up’ that exists in the world.


Wikileaks: no bloodshed inside Tiananmen Square, cables claim


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