Confusing Eurocentric Racism with Ethnic Frustration! (3.6.2016)

This Video Has Been Taken Down – But Enjoy My Following Diatribe Regarding Its content!

The description of this video represents a bourgeois attempt to sully the waters with regards to a clear explanation of what exactly constitutes ‘racism’ within Western society.  In this sense, the description of the ’10 Worst Racists Caught on Camera’ is incorrect.  Yes, the video undoubtedly shows appalling racist incidences between white Europeans (as instigators) and non-white people (as victims), but it also shows two equally disturbing events featuring non-white people verbally abusing non-white victims.  These examples are what the racist establishment in the UK would term ‘Black on Black’ crime, implying that white racists are unfairly ‘discriminated’ against, because the supposed ‘non-white’ victims are in reality ‘just as racist’.  This is a rightwing lie with no basis in reality.  Modern racism is an ideology invented in the West, and spread throughout the world via the agency of European imperialism.  A major component of this racism was supplied by the Roman Catholic Church (and supported without question by the breakaway Anglican Church) which altered the appearance of the Virgin Mary from that of the traditional ‘Black Madonna’ into a ‘white’, European looking woman.  This transformed her son – Jesus Christ – into a white European man, and as his father was purported to be ‘god’ – implied that god was also a white European male who had ‘mysteriously’ created humanity ‘in his own image’.  This about face of the Christian Church immediately created the false ideology that ‘white’ Europeans were god’s chosen children (shadows of Zionism) and that as a consequence, all non-white peoples in the world were racially, culturally and spiritually deficient.  The fact that the early Christians were Middle Eastern Jews was quietly forgotten and pushed into the background of history.  The Christian Church has gotten away with this kind of duplicity for hundreds of years primarily due to its monopoly on education, and the appalling illiteracy of those forced (or converted) to follow its distorted theology.  The Christian Church was aided and abetted in its task of greed-led world domination by the Industrial Revolution which gave the UK (and other European States) a definite technological advantage other most non-European cultures, making those cultural groupings easy to militarily invade and defeat, and economically dominate.  This policy created the ‘us’ (white Europeans) and ‘them’ (non-whites) – a separation that has persisted to this day even within modern, bourgeois societies, which sees white Europeans ‘privileged’ at every turn, and non-white people equally blocked (and excluded) at every turn.  The prevalence of this exclusionary attitude seeks to implant its ideological hatred into the minds of its victims (that is those who are the victims of a continuous and excluding racism), so that they ‘except’ without question the lie that they are psychologically and physically inferior, and that this situation should never be changed.  Part of this abusive relationship is the infecting of non-white minds with white prejudices that can lead to non-white people sometimes verbally and physically attacking other non-white people.  This is an outpouring of frustration created by the pressure of continuous racial oppression that occasionally manifests in public spaces.  This is a subconscious mimicry of white racism that has its origin within white culture, and not from within the non-white culture of those who are its victims.  This video shows an Australian Aboriginal woman verbally abusing a passive Chinese woman, and a British African-Caribbean woman verbally abusing a Muslim woman.  This is a demonstration of the victims of white racism taking it out on other non-white victims and cannot be included in the category of truly ‘racist’ incidents.  To conflate white racists with their victims is a purely rightwing political ideal perpetuated by such entities as the British National Party (BNP), Britain First, National Front (NF) and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).  The purpose of this rightwing offensive is to ‘normalise’ racism within mainstream society, so that white racists can attack whomever they wish in pursuance of their warped political ideology as formulated in Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf (which presents ‘lying’ as a legitimate political policy as a means to achieve racial purity).

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