Confusing Eurocentric Racism with Ethnic Frustration

To conflate white racists with their victims is a purely rightwing political ideal perpetuated by such entities as the British National Party (BNP), Britain First, National Front (NF) and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). The purpose of this rightwing offensive is to ‘normalise’ racism within mainstream society, so that white racists can attack whomever they wish in pursuance of their warped political ideology as formulated in Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf (which presents ‘lying’ as a legitimate political policy as a means to achieve racial purity).

Eurocentricism and Egyptology

Egypt is an obvious example, but not the only one. Africa had many developed cultures and cultural modes of behaviour, but that of ancient Egypt is particularly impressive because of the survival of its architecture in the form of pyramids and other structures. Despite being thousands of years old, and built at a time when European cultures were very rudimentary, the pyramids represent a height of sophistication that was not matched in Europe at all. Despite stone circles and other similar buildings in Europe, nothing matches the magnificent buildings of ancient Egyptian architecture.