2013: Six Year Old US Child Calls for Killing of All Chinese People!


Original Chinese Language Article By:  http://news.sina.com.cn

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The above sketch was broadcast on the night of October 16th, 2013, on the ABC Network and was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.  When asked how America should pay back the money the US owes to China, one white 6 year old child at the table suggested in an unscripted comment that America should ‘kill everyone in China.’ Kimmel chuckled and said, ‘OK, that’s an interesting idea,’ and soon jokingly asked a follow-up: “Should we allow the Chinese to live?” The kids gave mixed responses, all agreeing that the Chinese people should be killed as an act of pre-emptive ‘self-defence.’  The four children, two White, one Black, and one Asian all laughed riotously in agreement, and logically developed the argument for the mass murder of an ethnic group.  As soon as the programme aired, American-born Chinese people immediately begun protests against this racist attack upon the Mainland of China.  The ‘normalised’ anti-Chinese racism found amongst American White, Black and Asian groups is historical and goes back hundreds of years with one of its most obvious expressions being the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, followed by numerous acts of discrimination, prejudice, violence, rape and murder. Typical of this casual White racism can be seen in Sharon Stone’s uniformed comments that the 2008 earthquake in China was due to ‘bad karma’ (following the instruction of the duplicitous Dalai Lama).  It is particularly telling that ABC was forced to apologise for this latest outrage that saw children from other ethnic groups participating in the support of the very White racism that is aimed at their communities, and their presence in the USA.  Significantly, other Civil Rights groups representing African-Americans, Native Americans, and other organisations, remained silent on this issue and did not offer help, support or assistance.  This demonstrates how White anti-Chinese racism has penetrated these groups. Of course the US mainstream media treated the protesting Chinese people as if they were the problem – often referring to them in news reports as the ‘enemy within’.  Despite the system-wide support for anti-Chinese racism in the US, the Chinese-American population was galvanised into action which saw protests occurring across 27 US cities. Hundreds of Chinese people (including many families) came together holding signs calling for the correct education of children to ‘love’ rather than ‘hate’, and for the United States to stop its racist attitudes toward the overseas Chinese people, and the people of Mainland China.  Many protesters made the point that when Americans make these kinds of racist comments, it is immediately known throughout the world and only serves to encourage race-hate.  Although it was obvious that African-Americans did not support the Chinese people in their fight against White racism, many Chinese protesters heldup placards reminding the world about Dr Martin Luther King and his ‘I have a dream’speech which was delivered 50 years ago (in 1963). White America was reminded that Chinese people have contributed enormously to the building of the country over the last 200 years – since its founding – and their reward has been a consistent and unchallenged racism.  The mainstream media attempted to justify this racism as ‘humour’, but various Chinese protesters said that racism is not ‘funny’ in any language, but highly destructive and threatening to a peaceful society.  The general consensus amongst the Chinese protesters was that it was wrong to teach young children race-hate, and that it should never happen. The only politician in America to support the Chinese protests was Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis, who issued a statement condemning the incident.  In the meantime, Time Magazine reported that a petition with over a 100,000 signatures was to be sent to the White House calling for an official investigation into ABC.  In the future it is hoped that legislation will be passed to protect all ethnic groups from this type of discrimination.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

Original Chinese Language Source Text:


美国27城华人抗议辱华节目 美主流媒体普遍失声









(原标题:美华人27城示威抗议辱华节目 吁种族歧视不再上演)

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