Debunking Paul Stonehill’s Mystification of the USSR

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The person who refers to himself as ‘Paul Stonehill’ is a fraud. He is also a supporter of the political rightwing, and a fervent perpetuater of the false US fabricated Cold War ideology that sought to demonise and discredit the Soviet Union at every turn, and replace historical fact with ahistorical mythology.  This is an important observation, as Paul Stonehill claims to have been born in the USSR, and yet operates entirely from an inverted (and obviously non-Soviet mind-set).  This simple fact of basic Marxist psychology would suggest that Paul Stonehill is lying about his origins, which is not surprising as he often gives the false impression that he lived during the time of great Soviet leader – Joseph Stalin (who died in 1953!).  Furthermore, Paul Stonehill’s name is obviously not Russian in origination, and his accent sounds like something Peter Sellers would devise as a comic caricature of a dodgy ‘foreign’ gentleman.  Paul Stonehill operates from a thoroughly bigoted bourgeois mind-set that indicates that he was never born or grew-up in the progressive Soviet Union.  

Paul Stonehill wanders around the internet (and UFO Conferences) regurgitating his racially motivated anti-Soviet nonsense to anyone who will stop to listen to this drivel. He claims to have ‘inside’ information about UFO’s and other paranormal phenomena in the Soviet Union, but in his charade, he lacks specific knowledge and does not understand that the USSR viewed the subject of the paranormal as being the product of an inverted religious mind-set, one that was premised upon superstition and not to be encouraged within a progressive Communist System.  Paul Stonehill does not know this because he has never been to the USSR (this fraud might well explain the lack of a personal Wiki-page for Mr Stonehill).  The only UFO’s ever spotted in the USSR have been in the mind’s of the religious motivated Western bourgeoisie, which for a time after 1991, had carte blanche in Russia to manufacture a ‘mystified’ history of the former Soviet Union, one that like all religious systems, had no bearing upon reality.  Another example of Stonehill’s miscomprehension about the USSR is that he states in his bizarre lectures that the Soviet Union was ‘isolated’ and ‘cut-off’ from the world, whilst apparently sharing its ample UFO findings with US Intelligence!  Stonehill forgets (or never knew) about the Communist International which had branches in virtually every country in the world (including the USA) – more readily known as the Communist Party.  Citizens from the West routinely visited the USSR, and Soviet citizens visited the West.  Far from being isolated, as Stonehill misinforms, the USSR was incredibly active and vibrant in the world (including its satellite State of Communist Cuba). The USSR was also the driving force behind the Communist Revolutions in China, Vietnam, Laos, and North Korea, as well as Communist Movements in Africa and South America. Of course, part of Stonehill’s repertoire is the US Cold War demonisation of Joseph Stalin and he mentions the word ‘gulag’ a lot which plays well with US and other bourgeois audiences.  A quick perusal through Grover Furr’s excellent academic history book entitled ‘Khrushchev Lied’ will set the record straight, and yet again prove Stonehill to be a liar.

Official Russian sources do not confirm that the USSR had any contact with UFO’s and continue to deny Stonehill’s allegations as being fictitious and of no historical value.  His work on Youtube and other websites is foolish in the extreme, but does not stop the gullible being misled into what is essentially an attempt by Stonehill to peddle lies about the USSR to make money at the expense of truth.  This is not surprising from a man who lacks any academic credentials, and has proved no real or authentic proof of his own identity.  Paul Stonehill – a supporter of neo-Nazism in the Ukraine – claims that he studied Marxist-Leninism whilst ‘queuing for toilet paper’ in the USSR.  If he had studied Marxist-Leninism (other than in his obviously distorted imagination) he would not today possess the inverted psychology he most obviously does.  His blend of lies, dishonesty and disinformation is leading thousands of otherwise well-meaning and genuine people down a false path of fallacious research. I will not share any internet links this thoroughly horrible individual, but finish by stating that ‘Paul Stonehill’ reminds me of a mixture of an ‘imagined’ alien presence mixed with the rightwing madness of Adolf Hitler!



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  1. I have known about him since years and years ago. He has been on and off on Tv series and documentaries that has been shown in the West (I am not English Or American btw). But i always thought there was something not “right” about him. Then i saw “The Secret KGB UFO Files” with Roger Moore doing the narrative. Most of what was shown in the so called documentary was either fabricated, stolen, or fraud. Why? Because i researched the video clips and stories which were published in that so called “documentary” and most if not all, they had themselves took video clips from Russian or Soviet media, and altered them in various ways. And then tried to sell it off to the West as “real”. It was ridiculous to think that nobody would find this out. But yes, it was back in 1998. So i will give props for trying the “scam”.

    Anyway, From what i have seen, i believe the guy wants to be a famous UFO personality like Steven Greer, Budd Hopkins, Roger Leir, Stanton Friedman etc, and go around speaking at conventions having his food and room paid for him and all these naive and gullible people as followers. Like Billy Meier. Aka Switzerland’s self proclaimed “UFO God”.

    I came across Paul’s YouTube channel where he is posting yet again sensationalism stories and reports about “things” from the old USSR. But he never backs up his stories with any evidence or proof. Neither where he got these remarkable tales from or who the sources are.
    From my take, he is nothing more than your usual tabloid magazine prostitute sensationalist that will report on whatever nonsense comes his way. Aka, he keeps throwing feces at the wall and hope something will stick.

    “He claims to have ‘inside’ information about UFO’s and other paranormal phenomena”… Yes,… Don’t they all.
    Paul Stonehill… Another fraud, another liar, another UFO prostitute that belongs in the UFO hall of shame.



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