Zionist PSYOPS Technique – London (14.5.2016)

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 Within the Apartheid Settler-State of Israel, the government, police and military operate a racially-based brutality against the Palestinian people and their supporters.  Any resistance to the derisive and destructive policies of Zionism (i.e. Jewish fascism) is met the most vile and vicious draconian suppression reminiscent of how Adolf Hitler suppressed and controlled the people of Germany between 1933-1945, or the racist regime of South Africa until its demise.  The difference between Zionist Israel, Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa, is that whereas most of world opinion condemned Nazi Germany and South Africa for their vile regimes, many governments’ today continues to accept murderous Zionist fascism as a legitimate way to administer what should be in reality a multicultural state.  An important distinction between Zionist Israel and the religion of Judaism, is that the religion of Judaism is not ‘Zionist’, not ‘fascist’ and definitely is ‘multicultural’.  This explains why many Jewish people throughout the world are opposed to the Zionist State of Israel on both theological and political grounds.  Zionist Israel, however, despite airlifting African Jews to live in Israel, has continuously suffered allegations of ‘racism’ from the very African population is has brought into its own country!  This is because Zionist Israel is essentially a ‘White’ racist state that favours ‘White’ Jews over all others.  As things stand today, Israel’s ‘Black’ Jews live in poor areas and are excluded from access into mainstream Israeli life.  Many people outside of Israel understand this well and this knowledge explains why a movement within the LGBTQ community has boycotted Israel’s invitation for Western Gays to travel there – stating that the Israeli Authorities are racist and routinely oppress and imprison Gay people living in Israel.  This demonstrates the quandary that ‘White’, fascist Zionism faces when its tries to deceive the world as to its true nature.  Just as Zionist ideology is fascist, it is also ‘atheist’, this fact prevents Zionism from being successful with its flirtation with Judaism, when trying to mimmick that noble religion’s multiculturalism and tolerance, as Zionism is none of those things.  This explains why Zionism was deemed a form of racism by the United Nations in 1975 – and why the USSR cut-off all diplomatic relations with Zionist Israel in 1967.

As both I and my partner (and Mei-An – our young daughter) are politically active on the left of British politics, we oppose anti-Semitism, have good relations with non-Zionist Jewish people, and thoroughly oppose Zionist Israel’s murderous and racist policies against the ethnically cleansed and beleaguered people of Palestine.  Indeed, it has been our Jewish friends who have encouraged our protests in this area of anti-Zionism campaigning.  The point is that many Jews do not support Zionism, and that ‘Zionism’ as a form of fascism is supported by the non-Jewish political far-right entities (such as the neo-Nazi English Defence League, British National Party, United Kingdom Independence Party, and National Front, etc).  The racist political far-right supports fascist Zionism because many of those maimed and killed by it in Palestine, are in fact brown-complexioned Palestinian Arabs.  In short, the political far-right perceives the fascist policies of Zionism as the continuation of the Hitlerite race war initiated by the Nazi German government in 1933.  It is ironic that the modern State of Israel should have Zionism as its founding ideology, an element of the fascist thinking that caused so much death and destruction to the Jewish people, and which was the very justifying essence of the horrific and despicable Holocaust during WWII.

As ‘Nakba Day’ was approaching, we decided to do something ‘concrete’ in the form of taking to the streets to protest Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people.  My partner – Gee – who is 5 months pregnant – decided that this was an important cause, and so with our daughter, we set off for a demonstration in London’s Oxford Street.  A little background information is required at this juncture.  We searched on Facebook to see where the Nakba Day demos were going to be, and we settled on the Oxford Street protest as we are used to campaigning in London and it was only around 50 minutes away from our Sutton home by Tube.  This protest was organised and held by the Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG) of which we are not members.  We feel we need state this fact because we do not want to give the false impression that we have been historically involved in this RCG protest – as we have not.  The reason it is important to make this clear is because the men and women of the RCG have been carrying-out this excellent work for 13 years!  We, as a family, have never before attended this protest, but whilst attending we discovered that RCG comrades have been attacked, abused, injured, threatened, demeaned, misrepresented, ignored, arrested and generally persecuted for their excellent and brave action against Zionist fascism and its racism – whilst we, on the other hand, have not suffered any this.  Even on the day we attended, I suspect that compared to other years, we had it easy, despite some moments of provocation, pushing and Zionist attempts at agitation.  As matters transpired both myself and my family were ‘ignored’ by the Zionists – who were out in what I would describe as ‘meagre’ numbers.  This is an important point considering the extensive Jewish community in the UK – the majority of which did not come out onto the streets to support Zionism.

After standing for about an hour outside Marks and Spencer at the Marble Arch end of Oxford Street, the anti-Zionists stated to move on as part of a rolling picket to boycott other Israeli-friendly stores such as Topshop and Carphone Warehouse.  However, prior to this a small group of shaven-headed men gathered with an Israeli flag and started shouted abuse at the protesters.  The police presence this year was quiet, disciplined and more impartial than during other years (from what I gathered from others).  The pro-Zionist shouting involved short words or phrases repeated other and other again.  Such as ‘lies!’, ‘fascist lies’, ‘Nazi lies’, ‘anti-Semitic lies’, ‘holocaust deniers’, ‘Nazi sympathisers’, ‘supporters of Palestinian terrorism’, and so on.  This was in response to a long list of historically accurate statements made by a number of protesters issued through an open mike system.  Whereas the anti-Zionists retained their composure and discipline, and continued to educate the general public through the presentation of historically accurate information, the pro-Zionist lobby responded not with counter-facts or even informed criticism, but held to their policy of ahistorical and typically ‘fascist’ name-calling.  If the historical statements of the RCG (and their supporters) were false (which they were not), then it would have been a relatively simple case of providing factual refutation for the pro-Zionists, and it is significant that these Zionist propagandist were totally unable to either deny or disprove the historical facts provided by the RCG.  This observation proves that the Zionist agitators were there not to legitimately protest, but rather to antagonise and ridicule.  The pro-Zionists had to resort to this gutter-press tactic because they simply did not possess any factual basis to refute the historically correct arguments aimed at Israel by the RCG.

As the march progressed through Oxford Street, I kept an eye on the Zionist activity, and it seems that different ‘teams’ (all posing as ‘civilians’) would approach the RCG anti-Zionist group and shout ridicule and scorn at the protesters before literally disappearing into the London crowds and being replaced by another small ‘team’.  Perhaps over-all there was about 20 Zionist spread out across the march – their number occasionally augmented by the odd (and misinformed) Israeli tourist.  This behaviour of Zionists teams approaching, delivering their rhetorical pay-load, and then withdrawing, had all the hallmarks of a well-planned and deliberate Israeli military operation carried-out on the streets of London.  It seems that this relatively small pro-Zionist presence decided to spread itself ‘thin’ across the route, to give the (false) impression that there was a continuous ‘Jewish’ resistance to the Nakba Day protest.  I suspect that small groups of individuals were used in this way to keep the false impression that the pro-Zionist protest was ‘fresh’ and full of ‘vigour’ as new teams burst onto to the scene to replace the old ones.  One Israeli operative stood-out as he gravitated around the back and periphery of group wearing dark glasses and a suit from the 1970’s (looking every inch a Mossad agent provocateur).  His rhetoric came straight-out of a Cold War PSYOPS manual.  He stated that those in the crowd were ‘emotionally fragile’, ‘emotionally immature’, ‘easily led’, ‘easily mislead’, ‘weak minded’, ‘choosing the wrong side’, ‘supporting Nazism’, ‘supporting terrorism’, and so on.  He was not talking to anyone inparticular, but was addressing his comments to the group, as presumably he thought one comment would hit home somewhere.  Occasionally he would say things like ‘your families are ashamed of you’, ‘why did your families fight WWII?’, ‘why are you supporting Nazism?’.  Interestingly he never mentioned the word ‘Palestinian’ once.  The point of this Zionist PSYOPS offensive was two –fold.  Firstly it wanted anti-Zionists to lash-out with violence so that the police would arrest protesting individuals for ‘assault’ and ‘anti-Semitism’ – if this happened, the protest would be virtually over. Secondly, the repeating of short but meaningful phrases was designed in the longterm to ‘brainwash’ protesters into doubting their cause and changing their opinion.  This is the basis of simple neural-linguistic programming (NLP), albeit applied to a public context rather than a private setting (as between that of a therapist and client, for example).  This indicates a psychological approach by the pro-Zionists that relies heavily on the current ‘unquestioning’ of the racially motivated actions and pontifications of Israel, which is unjustly adopted by many governments around the world.  The pro-Zionists believe that they can ‘bully’ by other means, the supporters of Palestine in the West, just as they ‘bully’ through brutal means, the people in Palestine.  The behaviour of the pro-Zionist lobby on Saturday conformed exactly to that of fascist provocateurs, as there was no sight whatsoever of the wisdom associated with true Judaism.

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