Buddhists that Spread Hate Are Not ‘Buddhists’

guanyin-buddha (1)

It is interesting to see the tragic death (and murder) of an elderly Buddhist monk in Bangladesh recently – and how ‘pious’ Buddhists are creating hatred by passing this story around with the ‘intent’ of causing ‘Islamophobia’. This is a manifestation of a Buddhist corruption influenced by greed, hatred and delusion, that never reports the deaths of innocent Muslim men, women and children murdered by ignorant Buddhist mobs encouraged to do so by elderly Buddhist monastics. This is why all religion must be removed from politics. Buddhists infected with the bourgeois mentality are not Buddhists at all, but rather fascist stooges!

Buddhists who share graphic photographs of a deceased elderly Buddhist monk in Bangladesh – who was a victim of a brutal murder – are demeaning the memory of that venerable monk, and distorting the very teachings of the Buddha they claim to uphold for the benefit of themselves and all other beings. They are deliberately misleading the people because they do not teach that those who commit murder are in as much need for help as those who are murdered. This behaviour is the perpetuation of delusion. This is yet another manifestation of ‘aDharma’ from the very hypocrites who claim to be upholding the Dharma. Return these menaces to lay life, and re-educate the laity.

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