Russians Love Stalin 130 Years After his Birth

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(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Global Network Reporter Liang Xu (梁旭) reported from Russia that December 21st, 2009, marked the 130th anniversary of the birth of Soviet leader Comrade Stalin.  The image of Comrade Stalin is often made into a controversy and this raises a number of different responses in relation to his memory.  However, it is clear from recent events that by far the greater weight of opinion in Russia is positive regarding how people view Comrade Stalin.

On December the 21st, 2009, the Russian newspaper entitled ‘”Kommersant’ reported the results of a survey about Comrade Stalin carried-out by the All-Russia Opinion Poll Organisation that revealed that 37% of respondents expressed a positive attitude toward the memory of Stalin, with only 24% expressing a negative attitude.  This difference in attitude represents the controversy that surrounds Stalin’s reputation.  On the one hand there are Russians who view him as a ‘tyrant’, whilst those holding a positive view state that ‘through his wise leadership the USSR became truly great, and that because of his strong personality, the USSR not only survived the Nazi German invasion, but was a main constituent behind the Soviet crushing of fascism and the winning of the Great Patriotic War (1941-45).’  This positive attitude extends to the years of the Cold War (initiated by the USA) and expresses that only Stalin possessed the personal qualities of political leadership and power that enable the Soviet Union to remain stable both internally and externally.

The “Kommersant” further reported that since the collapse of the USSR there is nolonger ‘equality’ in Russia and that society has polarised dramatically between the minority rich and the majority poor.  Those who are suffering because of capitalist excess positively look to the memory of Stalin for comfort.  Professor Naumov, of Moscow University, an expert on history, stated that: ‘With such a disparity in wealth distribution in modern Russia, the poor and disadvantaged look toward Stalin as a means to cope with their daily struggle.  In such circumstances, desperate people would have no hesitation aligning themselves with strong leaders.’

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

Original Chinese Language Article:

诞辰130年 俄民众对斯大林“爱大于恨”(组图)




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