Shaker Aamer Vigil – Downing Street – 24.10.15


shaker2Mr Shaker Aamer is a British Citizen who has been illegally imprisoned for nearly 14 long years in the US military at Guantanamo, Cuba.  He has committed no crime and has been held in solitary confinement and subjected to psychological and physical abuse.  Mr Shaker Aamer was arrested by US Authorities simply because he is a Muslim – and a succession of UK Governments have turned a blind-eye to this poor man’s plight and circumstance.  Modern Britain is a multicultural country and I and my family are deeply concerned for the welfare of Mr Shaker Aamer – not because we have ever met him – but simply because he is a human being.  Today we gathered with thousands of others to put pressure on the UK Government to assist in the release of a UK Citizen who is being unlawfully detained by the USA – an ally of the UK.

IMG_20151024_145658  IMG_20151024_145723







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